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General Information
Alfalfa Production Systems in California (2007)
An introduction to alfalfa production systems in California.
Irrigated Alfalfa Manual
Daniel H. Putnam, Charles G. Summers, Steve B. Orloff
Contributions of Alfalfa to Wildlife and the Environment (1998)
28th California Alfalfa Symposium (1998)
Daniel H. Putnam
Alfalfa Educational Fact Sheet (2004)
CAFA (California Alfalfa & Forage Association)
Irrigated Alfalfa Management for Mediterranean and Desert Zones Website (2008)
Irrigated Alfalfa Manual
Intermountain Alfalfa Management
Intermountain Alfalfa Manual
History, Importance, and Production Dynamics of Alfalfa in California (1996)
26th California Alfalfa & National Alfalfa Symposium (1996)
Daniel H. Putnam
The California Alfalfa and Forage Association Website
CAFA (California Alfalfa & Forage Association)
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