University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1976 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 8 - 9, 1976 - Fresno, California
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TITLE AUTHOR Paper (pdf)
Comparison Of Six Cultivars Of Alfalfa For Tolerance To Photochemicaloxidants Jats, Thompson Paper (pdf)
What’s Happening In Alfalfa Crowns: A Time To Look At Alfalfa Crowns From The Inside To The Outside Gilchrist, Martensen Paper (pdf)
Nematodes In Alfalfa Production Hart Paper (pdf)
Soil And Water Amendments Ayers Paper (pdf)
Nitrogen Fertilization Of Alfalfa Munns Paper (pdf)
Seed Coating As A Means Of Improving Crop Production Porter Paper (pdf)
Coated Seeds – State Of The Art Spiva Paper (pdf)
Quality Alfalfa – What Is It And What Is It Worth To The Dairyman? Veeman Paper (pdf)
High Quality Alfalfa Hay - What Is It Worth To The Beef Man? Pierce Paper (pdf)
Bud-Stage Alfalfa For The Farmer And For The Dairyman Giacomazzi Paper (pdf)
High Quality Hay Results In Higher Milk Production Quesenberry Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Quality – Can Producers And Users Get Together? Marble Paper (pdf)
Planting Alfalfa On Beds Skinner Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa On Beds: A Status Report Prichard Paper (pdf)
Timing Of First Alfalfa Harvest To Avoid Impedance Of Root Growth Sheesley Paper (pdf)
Weed Control In Alfalfa Ford Paper (pdf)
Weed Control And It’s Effect On Quality Hay Thomas Paper (pdf)
Winter Weed Control In The Sacramento Valley Hart Paper (pdf)
Weed Control In Seedling Alfalfa Mc Clellan,Schweers Paper (pdf)
Identification And Biological Parameters Of Acyrthosiphon Kondoi Summers Paper (pdf)
Economic Treatment Levels For The Blue Alfalfa Aphid Sharma, Stern Paper (pdf)
What Is New In The Control Of The Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil? Burton Paper (pdf)
Spraying Under The Windrow For Weevil Control Schoner, Burton, Norris Paper (pdf)
Weevil Damage Influenced By Alfalfa Varieties And Cutting Schedules Marble Paper (pdf)
The Use Of Mathematical Models In Alfalfa Pest Management Gutierrez Paper (pdf)
Pest Management Of Alfalfa In The Lower Desert Valleys Of California Stanworth Paper (pdf)
Pest Management In Alfalfa – Central Valley Area Prentice Paper (pdf)
Pest Management In Alfalfa Hay Production – A Farm Advisor’s Evaluation Mc Clellan Paper (pdf)
Managing Complexes Of Pests For Major Cropping Systems Toscano Paper (pdf)
Control Of Rodent Damage To Alfalfa Wade Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa'S Competitive Position In California Farm Production Yeary Paper (pdf)