University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1977 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 7 - 8, 1977 - Fresno, California
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New Alfalfa Varieties Expected For Changing Farm Conditions And Plant Pests Lehman Paper (pdf)
Breeding Objectives For Semi-Hardy And Hardy Alfalfa Hunt Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Variety Characteristics And Adaptation In California Marble Paper (pdf)
Soil Profile Modification To Enhance Alfalfa Production Kaddah Paper (pdf)
Soil Amendments In Alfalfa Production Stromberg Paper (pdf)
Sprinkler Germination Of Alfalfa With Saline Water Robinson Paper (pdf)
Reduced Wheel Traffic Could Boost Alfalfa Growers Incomes Sheesley Paper (pdf)
Soil And Plant Tissue Analysis For Effecient Alfalfa Production Hunziker Paper (pdf)
Annual Phosphorus Injection In Imperial Valley Hagemann Paper (pdf)
Weed Biology And Vegetation Management In Alfalfa Hay Production Fischer Paper (pdf)
Management Techniques For Weed Control In Alfalfa Isom, Marble Paper (pdf)
Poisonous Weeds In Alfalfa Hay Fowler Paper (pdf)
Weed Control In Newly Established Alfalfa Mc Clellan, Schweers, Hill, Tisher Paper (pdf)
Optimizing Winter Weed Control In Established Alfalfa Norris Paper (pdf)
Weed Control On Alfalfa In The Lower Colorado Desert Cudney Paper (pdf)
Evaluation Of Pumping Systems For Maximum Efficiency Hanson Paper (pdf)
Scheduling Irrigations Based On Evaporation Measurements Fereres-Castiel Paper (pdf)
Options In Alfalfa Irrigation Scheduling Donovan, Meek, Bondurant Paper (pdf)
Alternatives And Costs Of Flood And Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Fereres-Castiel Paper (pdf)
New Development In Sprinkler Systems And Injecting Chemicals Through Sprinklers Hartzell Paper (pdf)
Seasonal Variation In Alfalfa Insect Populations Mc Clellan, Weinberger Paper (pdf)
Potential Effects Of Department Of Interior Decisions On Agricultural Financing Gentle Paper (pdf)
A Growers Experience With Electrical Pumping Bills In 1977 Janzen Paper (pdf)
Economic Considerations In Producing Alfalfa In 1977-78 Yeary Paper (pdf)