University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1981 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 9 - 10, 1981 - Fresno, California
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Feasibility Of Rotary Cut Windrowery In Alfalfa Production Lowe Paper (pdf)
Drying Windrowed Alfalfa With Chemicals Fenn Paper (pdf)
The Steffen System Approach To Baling And Handling Steffen Paper (pdf)
Packaging Hay And Silage With A Cotton Module Builder Sheesley, Nelson Paper (pdf)
The Effect Of Late Harvest On Alfalfa Stand And Yield – A Progress Report Schoner Paper (pdf)
Planting Dates And Seeding Rates For Central California Marble, Peterson Paper (pdf)
Effects Of Different Tillage Operations On Problem Soils Wildman Paper (pdf)
Does Alfalfa Following Alfalfa Affect Seedling Growth? Jensen, Hartman Paper (pdf)
University Of California IPM Efforts In Alfalfa Production Zalom Paper (pdf)
The Integrated Pest Management Manual For Alfalfa Hay Flint Paper (pdf)
Systems Analysis In Alfalfa Production Rains Et Al Paper (pdf)
Yield Loss To Diseases In Alfalfa And The Potential For Control Through Genetic Resistance Gilchrist Paper (pdf)
Soil Sampling For Nematode Pest Management In Alfalfa Goodell Paper (pdf)
Velpar For Winter Weed Control In Established Alfalfa Fischer Paper (pdf)
Progress In Breeding Alfalfas With Resistance To Nematodes Lehman Et Al Paper (pdf)
Characteristics Of Alfalfa Varieties And Brands Used In California Marble Paper (pdf)
The Nevada Method For Predicting Alfalfa Quality Speth Paper (pdf)
Digestibility Studies In California And Nevada Comparing Alfalfa Hay Testing Methods Garnet, Speth Paper (pdf)
Dollar Value For High And Low Tdn Alfalfa Hay Determined By Computer Ration Formulation Bath Paper (pdf)
Using The Near Infrared Analysis To Predict Hay Quality Shenk Paper (pdf)
Baled Alfalfa Hay For Horses Ast Paper (pdf)
Marketing Alfalfa In An Uncertain Economic Environment Cothern Paper (pdf)
Export Market Potential For California Alfalfa Products Lewis Paper (pdf)
Predictions For 1982 And Market Wrap Up Coelho Paper (pdf)
Use Of Climatic And Fall Dormancy Data To Describe Varieties For California Teuber, L.T., Marble Paper (pdf)