University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1982 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 8 - 9, 1982 - Fresno, California
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Use Of A Desiccant On Alfalfa Hay To Reduce Drying Time Schoner, Marble, Langston Paper (pdf)
Use Of A Desiccant On Alfalfa Hay – A Hay Grower’s/Dairyman’s Experience Rollin Paper (pdf)
Using Harvest Schedules To Adjust Quality Of Summer-Grown Alfalfa In The Central San Joaquin Valley Sheesley, Farley Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Varieties And Brands For California’s Different Soils And Climates Marble, Peterson Paper (pdf)
Reduced Wheel Traffic Could Boost Alfalfa Grower Incomes Sheesley Paper (pdf)
The Influence Of Wheel Traffic On Yield And Stand Longevity In Alfalfa Sheesley, Grimes, Mc Clellan, Summers, Marble Paper (pdf)
Timing Of First Alfalfa Harvest To Avoid Impedance Of Root Growth Sheesley Paper (pdf)
Scheduling Alflafa Irrigations By Computer Snyder Paper (pdf)
Managing Alfalfa Under Saline Conditions Francois Paper (pdf)
Experiences With Linear-Move Sprinkler Irrigation Of Alfalfa On Newly Developed Soils Farley, Travis Paper (pdf)
Controlling Summer Grassy Weeds – An Overview Of The Problem Vargas Paper (pdf)
Life Cycle And Growth Habits Of Yellow Foxtail Mitich Paper (pdf)
Cultural Methods Of Controlling Grassy Weeds Norris Paper (pdf)
A Grower’s Experience With Summer Annual Weeds Janzen Paper (pdf)
Integrated Weed And Insect Management In Alfalfa—Research Update And Prospects Norris Paper (pdf)
Residual Properties Of Herbicides And Alfalfa Hay Production Fisher Paper (pdf)
Selective Weed Control In Alfalfa With Eptc-Treated Seed Dawson Paper (pdf)
The Root-Knot Nematodes, Stubby Root Nematode And Alfalfa Stand Decline Mc Kenry Paper (pdf)
Progress In Developing A Regional Alfalfa Hay Test To Predict Quality Speth, Garrett Paper (pdf)
Producing High Quality Alfalfa Hay Profitably Rinkenberger Paper (pdf)
Utilization Of Low Quality Alfalfa Hay For Exceptional Milk Production Toenjes Paper (pdf)
Seasonal Price Fluctuations In The Alfalfa Hay Marketing Cycle Coelho Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Production And Prices In An Unstable Economy Cothern Paper (pdf)