University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1983 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 7 - 8, 1983 - Holtville, California
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Regrowth And Yield Of Alfalfa As Influenced By Wheel Traffic Meek, Carter, Garber, Rechel Paper (pdf)
Variety Response To Cutting Schedules In Imperial Valley Hagemann, Marble Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Variety And Brand Characteristics For California Marble, Peterson Paper (pdf)
Recent Trends In Alfalfa Movement And Prices In California And Competing Regions Cothern Paper (pdf)
Progress In Developing Resistance To Root Rots In Highly Nondormant Alfalfas Lehman, Erwin Paper (pdf)
Progress Report On Freeman 1500 Big Baler And Roadsider — Problems, Solutions And Machines Freeman Paper (pdf)
Preservatives For Alfalfa Hay Arledge Paper (pdf)
Drying Accelerators For Alfalfa Hay Arledge Paper (pdf)
Complete Alfalfa Crop Care Using A Microcomputer Meister Paper (pdf)
Ditylenchus Dipsaci, A Pest Of Alfalfa In Arizona Nigh Paper (pdf)
How Too Much Water Increases Root Diseases Of Alfalfa Erwin Paper (pdf)
Gopher Control In Alfalfa Tickes Paper (pdf)
Alfala Weed Control In Arizona Heathman, Dawson, Tickes Paper (pdf)
Temperature Influences On Summer Grass Germination Cudney, Bell Paper (pdf)
Summer Grass Control With The New Grass Killers Bell Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Response To Water And Nitrogen Variables Roth, Gardner, Tritz, Lakatos Paper (pdf)
Light Irrigations With Level Basins—A Novel Approach Dedrick Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Hay And Silage As The Basis For Dairy Rations Larsen Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Hay Testing, Methods Of Analysis And Reporting Williamson Paper (pdf)
Growing The Right Kind Of Alfalfa Hay For Dairy Cows Kubler Paper (pdf)