University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1984 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 5 - 6, 1984 - Visalia, California
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Investing Wisely In Fertilizers For Alfalfa Meyer Paper (pdf)
Custom Hiring vs. Owning Hay Equipment Klonsky Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa: Planning And Management With Volatile Prices Cothern Paper (pdf)
A New System For Determining Alfalfa Hay Quality: Acid Detergent Fiber Marble Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Hay Preservatives And Drying Agents Toenjes Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Shoot And Root Growth Under Traffic Conditions Rechel Paper (pdf)
Greenfeeds As A Year-Round Program Nogues Paper (pdf)
Traffic Control And Irrigation Management Sheesley Paper (pdf)
Modifying Available Harvest Equipment Welker Paper (pdf)
Traffic Modifications In Alfalfa Hay—A Grower’s Experiences & Results Shonnard Paper (pdf)
Equipment Modifications And Results In The Imperial Valley Talbot Paper (pdf)
Response Of Alfalfa To Different Levels Of Irrigation Donovan, Meek Paper (pdf)
Irrigation Scheduling Methods For California Alfalfa Goldhamer Paper (pdf)
Practical Aspects Of Et Data For Alfalfa Hay Irrigation Robb Paper (pdf)
Use Of Evaporation Pans To Improve Irrigation Efficiency Smith Paper (pdf)
Irrigating Alfalfa For Profit Benton, Lancaster, Hanson Paper (pdf)
Significance Of Seedling Diseases In Stand Establishment Hancock Paper (pdf)
Yellow Foxtail: Identifying The Problem Colbert Paper (pdf)
Yellow Foxtail Life Cycle And Germination Potential In An Established Alfalfa Hay Environment Wallace, Colbert Paper (pdf)
Controlling Yellow Foxtail With Pre-Emergence Herbicides Canevari Paper (pdf)
Timing Of New Pre-Emergence Herbicides For Yellow And Green Foxtail In Alflafa Orr Paper (pdf)
Selective Postemergence Grass Herbicides For Foxtail (Setaria Sp.) Control In Established Alfalfa Hay Vargas Paper (pdf)
Summer Foxtails (Pigeon Grass) (Septaria Sp.) An Economic Problem To Alfalfa Hay Growers Vargas Paper (pdf)