University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1985 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 11 - 12, 1985 - Fresno, California
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Insects And Disease: Impact On Forage Production And Stand Persistence Summers, Gilchrist Paper (pdf)
Resistance Of Alfalfa Varieties And Brands, Marketed In California, To Insects, Disease And Nematodes Marble Paper (pdf)
Estimating California Alfalfa Hay Production Larson Paper (pdf)
Developing And Reporting Alfalfa Price Information Lehigh Paper (pdf)
Theft Prevention Of Hay Through The Use Of Confettee Hooton Paper (pdf)
Protect Your Hay Against Theft Mattos Paper (pdf)
Breeding For Increased Forage Yield And Quality In Alfalfa Phillips, Demment, Teuber Paper (pdf)
Accuracy Of The Modified Crude Fiber And Acid Detergent Fiber Test To Predict Tdn Of Alfalfa Hay Bath Paper (pdf)
Hay Quality Needs Of The Dairyman Dildey Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Production With Different Quantities Of Water In The Central San Joaquin Valley Grimes, Sheesley, Wiley Paper (pdf)
Do I Need To Change My Irrigation Program To Produce Higher Alfalfa Yields? Sheesley Paper (pdf)
Water Intake Rates And Alfalfa Growth As Affected By Traffic Rechel, Meek Paper (pdf)
Getting The Most From Harvest Equipment Modifications Sheesley, Munier Paper (pdf)
Fiddleneck, Common Groundsel And Yellow Starthistle Identification In Field And Bale Mc Henry Paper (pdf)
Toxicological Effects Of Feeding Contaminated Hay To Livestock Craigmill Paper (pdf)
Control Strategies For Fiddleneck And Common Groundsel In Alfalfa Hay Vargas Paper (pdf)
Dodder: The Problem And Its Control Orloff Paper (pdf)
Storing Alfalfa In Silage Bags vs. Bales Gisi, Collar Paper (pdf)
Future Of The California Dairy Industry To The Year 2000 Quesenberry Paper (pdf)