University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1989 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 6 - 7, 1989 - Visalia, California
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Profits, Water, And Energy Hanson Paper (pdf)
Alflafa’s Response To Baling Versus Bagging Munier Paper (pdf)
Toxic Effects And Identification Of Toxic Weeds Craigmill Paper (pdf)
The Benefits Of Managing Manures With Alfalfa Meyer Paper (pdf)
Dairy Manure Storage Site Effects On Weed Seed Viability Wright, Schultz, Cudney Paper (pdf)
Timing For Season Long Weed Control Vargas Paper (pdf)
Effective Tank Mixes Hays Paper (pdf)
Pesticide Application Tips And Technologies Inman Paper (pdf)
Environmental Agriculture: The Challenge Of The Next Decade Demment Paper (pdf)
What Is Sustainable Agriculture And How Does Alfalfa Fit Into The Concept? Chaney, Liebhardt Paper (pdf)
Do Agricultural Chemicals Have A Future In California Agriculture? Strauss Paper (pdf)
Altering Windrow Width To Hasten Curing Orloff Paper (pdf)
Controlling Mold In Alfalfa Baled With Canadas Bale Ventilator Toenjes Paper (pdf)
The Export Hay Market: Present And Future Potential Emanuel Paper (pdf)
Is My End-User Happy? Kuhn Paper (pdf)
How To Sample Alfalfa To Obtain An Accurate Quality Anlaysis Marble Paper (pdf)
Hay Test Requirements For Export Groom Paper (pdf)
Marketing Alfalfa In The 1990s Butler Paper (pdf)