University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1991 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 9 - 10, 1991 - Sacramento, California
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Overview Of California Alfalfa Production Roberts, B., M. Campbell, W. Bendixen, L. Ede, D. Marcum, S. Orloff, R. Gildersleeve, And D. Toenjes Paper (pdf)
Low Desert Alfalfa Production Ede, L.L. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Production In The High Desert Orloff, S.B. And R.R. Gildersleeve Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Production In The Coastal Areas Of California Bendixen, W.E. Paper (pdf)
Overview Of Alfalfa In The San Joaquin Valley Campbell, M. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa In The Northern Sacramento Valley Toenjes, D.A. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Production In The Intermountain Region Of Northeastern California Marcum, D.B. Paper (pdf)
Variations In Regional Alfalfa Production Practices And Costs Klonksy, K. And P. Livingston. Paper (pdf)
Riding Alfalfa'S Pendulum: Situation And Outlook For 1991 Butler, L.J. Paper (pdf)
Insect Thresholds As Practised In The Field Morgner, C. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa As An Insectary For Beneficial Insects Leigh, T.F. Paper (pdf)
Establishing Grasses In Last Year Alfalfa Stands Lanini, W.T., S. Orloff, J. Schmierer, M. Canevari, W. Bendixen, And R. Vargas. Paper (pdf)
Water Transfers And Water Marketing Kamand, F.Z. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa: Efficient Or Inefficient Users Of Water Loomis, R.S. And J. Wallinga. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Irrigation Management Hansen, B. Paper (pdf)
Water Quality Problems Of Irrgated Agriculture Oster, J.D. Paper (pdf)
Soil Amendments In Alfalfa Production Prichard, T.L. Paper (pdf)
Getting The Most Out Of Butyrac 200 And Buctril Applications Fischer, B.B. Paper (pdf)
Controlling Rodent And Rabbit Pests In Alfalfa Marsh, R.E. Paper (pdf)
Nematodes In Alfalfa Production Westerdahl, B.B. Paper (pdf)
Important Diseases Of Alfalfa In California Davis, R.M. Paper (pdf)
What Do Your Hay Test Results Mean And How Much Can You Trust Them? Jacobs, M.A. And M. Wolf. Paper (pdf)
How California’s Feed Law Applies To Contaminants In Alfalfa Hay Wong, S.D. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Hay – Who And What Determines “Quality” Toenjes, D.A. Paper (pdf)
Breeding For Improved Forage Quality In Alfalfa Cash, D. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Growth And Development Teuber, L.R., J. Jernstedt, And K. Foord. Paper (pdf)
Weed Control Practices In Northeastern California Schmierer, J. Paper (pdf)
Picking A Variety That Wins In The Long Run Carlson, H.L. Paper (pdf)
Vertebrate Pest Management In Northeastern California Lancaster, D. Paper (pdf)
Nutritional Value Of Alfalfa Hay For Horses: Myths Vs Reality Rodiek, A. Paper (pdf)
Use Of Pegasus To Estimate The Economic Value Of Alfalfa Hay For Horses Dunbar, J.R. Paper (pdf)
How To Produce Hay For The Horse Market Nebeker, E.B. Paper (pdf)