University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1993 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 8 - 9, 1993 - Visalia, California
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Some Thoughts On The Past And The Future Of The Uc Forage Program D.H. Putnam Paper (pdf)
Considerations During Alfalfa Establishment S.B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
The Process Of Breeding New Alfalfa Cultivars B. Melton Paper (pdf)
Interpreting Alfalfa Cultivar Yield Trial Results D.H. Putnam, L.R. Teuber, G. Peterson Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Variety Selection: Price vs. Value T. Hays Paper (pdf)
Palo Verde Land Fallowing J. Kuhn Paper (pdf)
An Evaluation Of Hay Drying And Harvesting Systems C.A. Rotz Paper (pdf)
The State Of The Art And Future Innovations In Hay Harvesting Equipment J.L. Weicksel Paper (pdf)
Owning Versus Hiring Hay Harvest Equipment S.C. Blank, K. Klonsky, K. Norris, S.B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
Strategies For Weed Control In Alfalfa Hay Production B.B. Fischer Paper (pdf)
Biology And Control Of Stem And Root-Knot Nematodes R.B. Westerdahl Paper (pdf)
The Role Of Selective Insecticides In Alfalfa Pest Management T.C. Quick Paper (pdf)
Management Of Pocket Gophers In Sacramento Valley Alfalfa K.S. Smallwood, S. Geng Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa And Water Quality: Meeting The Challenge P.A. Feder Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Disease And Resistant Varieties D.R. Miller Paper (pdf)
Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil In Alfalfa Production R. Freeman, M. Vierra Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa As Wildlife Habitat K.S. Smallwood, S. Geng. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa/Grass Companion Crop Study T. Martin-Duvall, R. Vargas, T. Prather, K. Hembree. Paper (pdf)
Clethodim For Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua) Control In Seedling Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa) L. Welch, M. Ansolabehere, R. Vargas Paper (pdf)
Fertilizer: New Methods And Practices W.G. Purdy Paper (pdf)
40 Cfr Part 503 And Land Appliction Of Municipal Sewage Sludges D.M. Crohn Paper (pdf)
Diagnosing Field Problems M. Canevari Paper (pdf)
Grass Interseeding In Aging Alfalfa Stands: Implementation And Evaluation T. Prather, R. Vargas, S. Mueller Paper (pdf)
Potential Uses Of Pneumatic Applicators In Alfalfa Production W.E. Steinke Paper (pdf)
Inherent Product (Bale To Bale) Variation And Comparison Of Different Sampling Probes D. Waite Paper (pdf)
Forage Quality And Its Implications Depeters, E. Paper (pdf)
An Alfalfa That Tastes Great And Is Less Filling B. Reed Paper (pdf)
Finding A Market Niche That Works For You D. Canadas Paper (pdf)
Evaluation Of Am Vs Pm Cuttings Of Alfalfa For Tdn And Protein B. Ballance Paper (pdf)
Non Alfalfa Hay And Forage Overview—What Is Being Grown And Why M. Campbell, C. Collar. Paper (pdf)
What It Takes To Grow Timothy D. Lancaster Paper (pdf)
Maturity At Harvest Effects On Yield And Quality Of Winter Cereals For Silage C. Collar, A. Fulton, M. Campbell. Paper (pdf)
What Dairy Producers Look For In Winter Forages From The Viewpoint Of A Custom Chopper D. Dannel, M. Dannel Paper (pdf)
Value Of Winter Forage Crops From A Nutritionists Viewpoint L.M. Larsen Paper (pdf)