University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image1994 California Alfalfa SymposiumAlfalfa Leaf Image
December 8 - 9, 1994 - Redding, California
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Introduction And Statewide Overview Of Alfalfa D.H. Putnam Paper (pdf)
Situation And Outlook For Alfalfa In The Western U.S. In 1995 L.J. Butler Paper (pdf)
Picking A Variety That Wins In The Long Run H.L. Carlson, D.L. Lancaster. Paper (pdf)
Assessing The Fertility Status Of Alfalfa R.D. Meyer, D.B. Marcum, S.B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
Maximizing Returns In An Alfalfa Fertility Program D.B. Marcum, R.D. Meyer. Paper (pdf)
Management Of Depleted Alfalfa Stands S.B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
Taproot Organic Reserves And Stress Tolerance Of Alfalfa L. Barber, L. Rong, S. Cunningham, B. Joern, J. Volenec Paper (pdf)
Assessing Alfalfa Maturity For Quality Prediction S.C. Mueller Paper (pdf)
Harvest Management To Maximize Yield And Quality R.L. Dovel Paper (pdf)
Environmental Factors Affecting Forage Quality S.C. Mueller, S.B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
Varieties And Forage Quality: Is There Really A Difference? D. Cash Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Hay Testing: What Do The Results Really Mean? D.H. Putnam Paper (pdf)
Field Rodent Control In Alfalfa J.P. Clark Paper (pdf)
Integrated Pest Management Of Insect Pests In Alfalfa Hay L. Godfrey, R. Long, And C. Pickel. Paper (pdf)
The Impact Of Nematodes In Alfalfa Hay Production S.L. Hafez Paper (pdf)
Effect Of Weed Control Strategy On Alfalfa Yield, Quality And Stand Persistence M. Bohle, R. Dovel, L. Burrill, D. Hannaway Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Irrigation Management B. Hanson Paper (pdf)
Water Budget Irrigation Scheduling For Alfalfa H.L. Carlson, S.B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
The Economic Impacts Of The Proposed Federal Bay/Delta Standards On The California Dairy Industry G.H. Conover Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Hay And The Horse Market L. Forero Paper (pdf)
Export Of Forage Products To Japan And Korea W.P. Ford Paper (pdf)
Approaches To Developing Marketing Strategies: The Intermountain Hay Growers Association P.Oilar Paper (pdf)
High Mountain Hay Growers Marketing Cooperative J.A. Cummings Paper (pdf)
San Joaquin Valley Hay Growers Association M.M. Coelho Paper (pdf)
Kern County Hay Growers Association T. Brown Paper (pdf)
Regionalization Of Near Infrared Calibrations T.R. Boyd Paper (pdf)
Grower Experiences With Stand Establishment J. Bennett, W. Krell, T. Ellis. Paper (pdf)
Maximizing Profit Potential By Coordinating Crop Rotation And Planting Date L. Teuber, S. Orloff, J. Young, H. Carlson, K. Taggard, R. Plant Paper (pdf)