University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1995 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 7 - 8, 1995 - Modesto, California
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1995 Introduction Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
The Importance Of Alfalfa To Cropping Systems And Environmental Goals Putnam, D. And S. Kaffka Paper (pdf)
Establishing Excellent Stands In Early Fall Using Flood Or Sprinkler Irrigation Campbell, M. And C. Frate Paper (pdf)
Seeding Clovers Or Grasses Into Older Alfalfa Stands—Bevefits And Hazards Canevari, M., D. Putnam, B. Reed, R. Long, S. Orloff, T. Lanini, L. Godfrey Paper (pdf)
The Multiple Impacts Of Cutting Strategy On Alfalfa Yield, Quality, And Stand Life Orloff, S. B. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Seed Production In The Western U.S. — A Commitment To Quality Mueller, S. C. Paper (pdf)
Characterization Of A Certified Alfalfa Cultivar: Importance And Evaluation Of Fall Dormancy Teuber, L. R., K. L. Taggard, L. K. Gibbs, S. Orloff Paper (pdf)
Industry Panel: Approaches To Breeding For Alfalfa Forage Quality Paper (pdf)
The Art And Science Of Ensiling Alfalfa Harrison, J. H. Paper (pdf)
‘Mat’ Harvesting Of Forages — Intensive Conditioning To Increase Feeding Value Koegel, R. G., R. J. Straub Paper (pdf)
The Use Of Big Bales For Alfalfa Hay Wheeler, D., M. T. Wheeler, And Sons Hay Services Paper (pdf)
Using A Cotton Module Builder For Alfalfa Mueller, S., J. Higginbotham, B. Hepner, G. Hepner, G. Hepner Paper (pdf)
Biology And Control Of Vertebrate Pests In Alfalfa Whisson, D. Paper (pdf)
New Tools For Insect Pest Management In Alfalfa Hay Godfrey, L. M. Canevari, R. Long Paper (pdf)
Use Of Bats To Enhance Insect Pest Control Freeman Long, R. Paper (pdf)
Use Of Barn Owls To Control Rodents On Farms Ingels, C. Paper (pdf)
Defining Forage Quality; What Is It? Hintz, R. W. Paper (pdf)
Effects Of Sampling And Sample Handling On Alfalfa Hay Test Results Reed, B., E. Depeters Paper (pdf)
Forage Quality Testing Consistency: Development Of The California Hay Testing Consortium Putnam, D., E. Depeters Paper (pdf)
Ration Formulation Based On Total Nutrient Composition Of Feeds Etchebarne, Ph.D., Pas, M. A. Paper (pdf)
Potassium Fertilization And How It Effects Yield And Quality Of Alfalfa Meyer, R. D., M. Campbell Matthews Paper (pdf)
Consideration Of Manure Application To Alfalfa Morse, D. Paper (pdf)
40 Cfr Part 503 And Application Of Municipal Sewage Sludges To Alfalfa Crohn, Ph.D., D. M. Paper (pdf)
Applications Of Manure To Alfalfa: Crop Production And Environmental Implications K.A. Kelling And M.A. Schmitt Paper (pdf)
Some Common Predators And Parasites Of Insect Pests On Alfalfa Flint, M.L. Paper (pdf)