University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1996 California Alfalfa & National Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 9 - 10, 1996 - San Diego, California
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History, Importance, And Production Dynamics Of Alfalfa In California Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
The Importance Of Alfalfa In California Dairy Rations Depeters, E., B. Weiss Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Helps Wildlife On Your Farm Kuhn, J., T. Ellis, L. Fitzhugh Paper (pdf)
Evolving Information Technologies And Their Importance To Forages Hannaway, D. B. Paper (pdf)
Biotechnology In Alfalfa Koshinsky, H. A., P. G. Lemaux Paper (pdf)
The Present And Future Of Alfalfa Harvesting Equipment Adams, R. K. Paper (pdf)
The Size, Scope And Impact Of Hay Exports From The Southwestern United States Kallenbach, R. L. Paper (pdf)
Forage Exports From The Western United States To The Pacific Rim Ford, W. P. Paper (pdf)
Generating Electricity From Alfalfa Biomass Martin, N. P., E. A. Oelke Paper (pdf)
Grazing Alfalfa — Is It Right For You? Lacefield, G. D. Paper (pdf)
Utilizing Alfalfa As A Grazed Forage: The Van Warmerdam Dairy Reed, B. Paper (pdf)
Effects Of Insecticides On Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil, Pea Aphid, Blue Alfalfa Aphid, Hay Production And Feed Quality Natwick, E. T., J. G. Guerrero, J. Lopez Paper (pdf)
Management Of Nematodes And Diseases In Alfalfa Using Genetic And Cultural Approaches Holmes, G. J., D. Miller Paper (pdf)
Sheep Grazing As A Weed Control Practice In Seedling Alfalfa Bell, C. E., J. N. Guerrero Paper (pdf)
New Weed Control Trends In Seedling And Established Alfalfa M. Canevari Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Water Use And Irrigation Efficiency Hanson, B. R. Paper (pdf)
Applying Irrigation Scheduling Principles To Alfalfa Carlson, H.L. Paper (pdf)
Managing Flood Irrigation On Heavy Soils Bali, K. M. Paper (pdf)
Improving Irrigation Efficiencies Through Irrigation Cutoff Strategies Ottman, M. Paper (pdf)
Evolving Forage Quality Concepts Undersander, D. Paper (pdf)
Methods To Assess Alfalfa Forage Quality In The Field Orloff, S. B. Paper (pdf)
Obtaining Greater Consistency In Alfalfa Forage Testing Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
Critical Soil Fertility Issues In Alfalfa Production Meyer, R. D. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Cultivars: Pest Resistance Levels And What They Mean Tueber, L. R., K. L. Taggard, L. K. Gibbs Paper (pdf)
Strategies For Extending The Life Of An Alfalfa Stand Using Overseedings Canevari, M., D. Putnam, R. Long, S. Orloff, B. Reed Paper (pdf)
Approaches To Breaking Yield And Quality Barriers In California – Intermountain Region King, D. Paper (pdf)
Approaches To Breaking Yield And Quality Barriers In California – San Joaquin Valley Ribeiro, J. Paper (pdf)
Approaches To Breaking Yield And Quality Barriers In California – Low Desert Region Grizzle, B. Paper (pdf)