University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1997 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
Decemeber 10 - 11, YEAR - Visalia, CA
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Is There a Crisis Ahead for the California Alfalfa Industry? Putnam, D., Hanson, B. Paper (pdf)
The Growth of California's Dairy Industry – Will it Continue? Tillison, J. Paper (pdf)
What is the American Forage and Grassland Council? Meyer, P. Paper (pdf)
In Order to be Heard One Must Have a Voice! The Importance of Organizing Alfalfa Growers in California Kuhn, J. Paper (pdf)
Maceration: What Is Its Potential for California Alfalfa Growers? Orloff, S., Putnam, D., Kraus, T. Paper (pdf)
Maceration: The Process and Nutritional Implications Kraus, T. Paper (pdf)
Evaluation of Desiccants in Alfalfa Kallenbach, R. Paper (pdf)
Dew Simulation for Hay Baling Operations Purpose, Process and Control Staheli, D. Paper (pdf)
To Tarp or Not to tarp Knopp, G. Paper (pdf)
Site-Specific Farming Information: Assessing Weed and Soil Property Effects on Crops Pettygrove, S., Jackson, L., Plant, R., Denison, F., Young, J. Paper (pdf)
Developing Spatial and Temporal Soil and Plant Smapling Strategies for Your Farm Meyer, R.D., D.B. Marcum, and Mathews, M.C. Paper (pdf)
Practical Interpretations of Soil Information to Maintain High Alfalfa Yields Quist, A.A. and Stanworth, G.T. Paper (pdf)
Poisonous Weeds in Hay Crops Craigmill, A.L. Paper (pdf)
Getting Control of Tough Weeds in Alfalfa Canevari, M. Paper (pdf)
Weevils and Worms – New Product Update and Integrated Management Godfrey, L.D. Paper (pdf)
Sclerotinia Stem and Crown Rot of Alfalfa in the Central San Joaquin Valley Frate, C.A. Paper (pdf)
Proposed Hay Quality Guidelines for California Putnam, D., DePeters, E., Coelho, M. Paper (pdf)
Why Forage Fiber Quality is Important Arana, M. Paper (pdf)
How Agronomic Practices Affect Mineral Balance for Dairy Cows Jardon, P.W. Paper (pdf)
Double Your Yield With Half the Water: Is It Possible? Hanson, B., Orloff, S. Paper (pdf)
Forage Production Crop Insurance Program Murphy, B. Paper (pdf)
Vertebrate Pest Control in Alfalfa Hay Whisson, D. Paper (pdf)
Minor Pests of Alfalfa Hay Long, R.F. Paper (pdf)
Diseases and Nematodes Miller, D. Paper (pdf)
Ecology of Predatory Lacewings and Other Generalist Predators in Alfalfa Limburg, D.D., Roseenheim, J.A. Paper (pdf)
Breeding for “True” Salt Tolerance Cluff, G. Paper (pdf)
Breeding Alfalfa for Resistance to the Silverleaf Whitefly Teuber, L.R., Gibbs, L.K., Taggard, K.L., Rupert, M.E. Paper (pdf)
Evalution of Glandular Haired Alfalfa: A Tool for Resistance to Potato Leafhoppers and More Johnson, L. Paper (pdf)
The Importance of Fall Dormancy to Yield, Persistance and Forage Quality Knipe, B., Reisen, P., McCaslin, M. Paper (pdf)