University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1998 California/Nevada Alfalfa SymposiumAlfalfa Leaf Image
Decemeber 3 - 4, 1998 - Reno, NV
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1997 Pacific Rim Forage Exports Ford, W.P. Paper (pdf)
History of Imperial Valley Forage Exports Kuhn, J.E. Paper (pdf)
The Food Quality Protection Act: Potential Impacts on Alfalfa Roberts, S.R. Paper (pdf)
California Alfalfa & Forage Association Ellis, T. Paper (pdf)
Morning and Evening Harvest Effects on Animal Performance Maryland, H.F., Shewmaker, G.E., Burns, J.C., Fisher, D.S. Paper (pdf)
Diurnal Changes in Alfalfa Forage Quality Putnam, D., Mueller, S., Marcum, D., Frate, C., Lamb, C., Canevari, M., Balance, B., Kallenbach, R., Paper (pdf)
Selecting Cutting Schedules – The Yield and Quality Tradeoff Orloff, S.B., Putnam, D.H. Paper (pdf)
Battle of the Balers: Small Bales Bennett, J. Paper (pdf)
Battle of the Balers: Mid-Sized Bales Dunlea, D. Paper (pdf)
Battle of the Balers: Large Bales Schader, D. Paper (pdf)
Controlling Difficult Weeds in Established Alfalfa Wilson, R.E. Paper (pdf)
Fighting Nematodes in Alfalfa Hafez, S.L. Paper (pdf)
Update on Insect Control Strategies in Alfalfa Godfrey, L. Paper (pdf)
Double Your Yield With Half the Water: Is It Possible? Hanson, B., Orloff, S. Paper (pdf)
Improved Irrigation Management Through Soil Moisture Monitoring Orloff, S.B., Hanson, B. Paper (pdf)
Getting the Most From Center Pivots Fipps, G. Paper (pdf)
Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Alfalfa in Nevada Neufeld, J., Davision, J., Breazeale, D., Munk, G. Paper (pdf)
Evaluating Hay For Horses: Myths and Realities Lawrence, L. Paper (pdf)
What Are Dairy Nutritionists Looking for in Alfalfa Hay? Robinson, P.H. Paper (pdf)
The ‘California Recognized’ Program and California Hay Guidelines Mathews, M.C., Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
Relationships Among testing Results of California Alfalfa Hay Samples Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
The Importance of Hay Sampling – A ‘How To&rsquo' Demonstration Whitesides, R.E., Chandler, D.A. Paper (pdf)
Do I Need Fertilizer? Ask the Plant! Meyer, R.D., Marcum, D.B., Schmierer, J.L. Paper (pdf)
“How Much Fertilizer Do I Need?” Soil Testing and Alfalfa Fertilization Hays, T. Paper (pdf)
Overseeding as a Pest Management Tool in Alfalfa in the Sacramento Valley Long, R., Reed, B., Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
Overseeding Orchardgrass Into Alfalfa Morris, J. Paper (pdf)
Internet Resources for Alfalfa and Forages Schmierer, J. Paper (pdf)
How Alfalfa Varieties are Developed Bouton, J. Paper (pdf)
How To Select an Alfalfa Variety Putnam, D., Orloff, S. Paper (pdf)
The Relationship Between Fall Dormancy and Stand Persistance in Alfalfa Varieties Knipe, B., Rooney, K., McCaslin, M. Paper (pdf)
Seed Coating Innovations Walsh, J., Rooney, K., Canestrino, J. Paper (pdf)
The Crusher – Effect of Harvest Technique on Alfalfa Drying Time Cook, I.J. Paper (pdf)
Remote Controlled Solar Powered Wheel Line Mover Knight, R.L., Krell, D.L. Paper (pdf)
Cereal Forages – Important New Opportunities for the Western U.S. Fohner, G. Paper (pdf)