University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 2000 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
11 - 12 December, - Las Vegas, Nevada
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The Importance of Western Alfalfa Production Putnam, D., Brummer, J., Cash, D., Gray, A., Griggs, T., Ottman, M., Ray, I., Riggs, W., Smith, M., Shewmaker, G., Todd, R. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Market Conditions and Trends in Western States Hoyt, S. Paper (pdf)
The Future of the Chino Milk Shed in the Los Angeles Basin Peterson, N.G. Paper (pdf)
Agriculture Fish and Water Poulson, M. Paper (pdf)
Can Alfalfa be Produced with Less Water? Hanson, B., Putnam, D. Paper (pdf)
The Future of Agronomic Crops in California and the Western United States Kaffka, S. Paper (pdf)
Emerging and Important Insect Pests of Alfalfa in the Western United States Natwick, E.T., Lopez, M. Paper (pdf)
Techniques to Improve Weed Control in Seedling Alfalfa Canevari, M. Paper (pdf)
Controlling the “P” (Perennial and Poisonous) Weeds in Alfalfa Vargas, R. Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Pests (Insects, Diseases, and Nematodes) Miller, D., Frate, C. Paper (pdf)
Soil Applied and Water Applied Phosphorus Application Ottman, M., Thompson, T.L., Rogers, M.T., White, S.A. Paper (pdf)
Lagoon Water Manures and Biosolids Applied to Alfalfa: Pros and Cons Meyer, R.D., Sanden, B.L., Bali, K.M Paper (pdf)
Monitoring Alfalfa Water Use with Soil Moisture Sensors Orloff, S.B., Hanson, B. Paper (pdf)
Management of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Hill, R.W. Paper (pdf)
1999 Pacific Rim Forgae Exports Ford, W.P. Paper (pdf)
Certified Weed Free Hay – What are the Marketing Implications? Ellis, T. Paper (pdf)
Producing Alfalfa Hay for Horses – What Buyers are looking for Lawrence, L. Paper (pdf)
What a Dairy Nutritionist needs from Alfalfa Kennedy, J.T. Paper (pdf)
Anti-Nutritional Factors in Alfalfa Hay Puschner, B. Paper (pdf)
Interpretation of Forage Analysis Reports Mertens, D.R. Paper (pdf)
Hay Sampling Principles and Practices Collins, M., Putnam, D., Owens, V., Wolf, M. Paper (pdf)
Agronomic Practices and Forage Quality Putnam, D., Orloff, S., Ackerly, T. Paper (pdf)
Quantifying the Yield/Quality Tradeoff Ackerly, T., Putnam, D., Orloff, S. Paper (pdf)
Cutting Schedules to Maximize Profit Orloff, S., Putnam, D., Blank, S., Ackerly, T. Paper (pdf)
Future Trends in Forage Analysis Undersander, D. Paper (pdf)
Helpful Web Sites for the Alfalfa Industry Hays, T., Schmierer, J. Paper (pdf)
Dynamics of Alfalfa Seed Supply: On the Tag and in the Bag Bendorf, H. Paper (pdf)
Value-Added Traits of Alfalfa Martin, N.P., Koegel, R.G. Paper (pdf)
Roundup Ready Alfalfa – A Progress Report McCaslin, M., Fitzpatrick, S., Temple, S. Paper (pdf)