University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 2002 Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
11 - 13 December, 2002 - Reno, NV
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Emerging Issues with Alfalfa in the Pacific Northwest Glen E. Shewmaker, Steve C. Fransen, David A. Hannaway Paper (pdf)
Emerging Issues for Alfalfa and Other Forages in the Great A Basin Thomas C. Griggs, Willie Riggs Paper (pdf)
Emerging Issues with Alfalfa in the Desert and Mediterranean Regions of the Western United States (CA/AZ) Dan Putnam, Mike Ottman Paper (pdf)
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TDMLs) in Alfalfa—The Implications for Alfalfa Irrigation Management Terry L. Prichard Paper (pdf)
The Economic Impact of Water Transfers on Alfalfa in the West Richard Howitt Paper (pdf)
Management of Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil and Protection of Yields with Selected Insecticides Larry D. Godfrey, Dan Putnam Paper (pdf)
Biology and Management of Stand-Decline Diseases of Irrigated Alfalfa in the Western U.S. Fred Gray, David W. Koch, Charla R. Hollingsworth Paper (pdf)
New Herbicide Tools in Alfalfa Stand Establishment W. Mick Canevari Paper (pdf)
Weed Shifts as a Result of Herbicide Use Patterns in Alfalfa Barry Tickes, Steve Orloff Paper (pdf)
Using Evapotranspiration Data to schedule Irrigation of Forages Robert W. Hill Paper (pdf)
Monitoring Soil Moisture for Maximum Profit Irrigation of Alfalfa Blaine Hanson, Steve Orloff Paper (pdf)
Nitrogen, Sulfur, Potassium and Phosphorus Fertilization in Alfalfa—When are They Necessary? Richard T. Koenig Paper (pdf)
Understanding Micronutrient Fertilization in Alfalfa Roland D. Meyer, Daniel B. Marcum, Steve Orloff Paper (pdf)
Management of Cool-Season Grasses for Hay Production and Quality Steven C. Fransen, Thomas C. Griggs Paper (pdf)
Using triticale and Annual Ryegrass in cool Season Perennial Grass Grazing Systems Daniel J. Drake, Steve B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
Harvesting Maximum value from Small grain Cereal Forages George Fohner Paper (pdf)
Management of Nitrate and Prussic Acid in forage Crops Brian Shreve Paper (pdf)
Certifieed Weed Free Forage: An Emerging Program for Western States Steve Schoenig Paper (pdf)
What Makes an Animal Choose a Forage? Beth Burritt, Fred Provenza Paper (pdf)
Why Does the Dollar Value of Alfalfa Hay Not Continue to Increase as its TDN Increases? P.H. Robinson, E. J. DePeters Paper (pdf)
Hay Sampling Protocols and a Hay Sampling Certification Program Dan Putnam, Steve B. Orloff Paper (pdf)
New/Emerging Measurements for ForageQuality Dan Putnam Paper (pdf)
The Importance of Choosing a Certified Lab Brian Shreve Paper (pdf)
Sampling the Moisture Content of Alfalfa in the Windrow Ron Thaemert Paper (pdf)
Harvest Timing Strategies for Improved Profit Steve Orloff, Dan Putnam Paper (pdf)
Implications of Seeding Rates and Seed Coating with Improved Alfalfa Varieties Glen E. Shewmaker, Maggie H. Hopwood, Ron L. Roemer Paper (pdf)
Interpretation and Use of University Forage Varity Trial Results Thomas C. Griggs Paper (pdf)
Economics of Variety Choice—Risk Analysis Tim Woodward Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa in the 21st Century: Possibilities and Limitations of Genetic Engineering Mary K. Sledge Paper (pdf)
An Update on the development of Roundup Ready Alfalfa Mark McCaslin Paper (pdf)
Traffic Tolerance in Alfalfa Donald Miller, Jim Moutray Paper (pdf)
Yield Potential with Hybrid Alfalfa Michael Velde, Paul Sun, Steve Wagner, Dan Gardner Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Varieties Now and in the Future from CAL/WEST Seeds Lauren Johnson, David Johnson, Jon Reich Paper (pdf)
Roundup ready Alfalfa in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California Ron Vargas, Tome' Martin-Duvall, Eric Hoffman, Kurt Hembree, Neil Va Paper (pdf)