University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 2006 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 11 - 13, 2006 - Reno, Nevada
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Emerging Issues With Forages In The Northwest Glenn E. Shewmaker, Steve C. Fransen, Mylen Bohle, Alan Gray, And Dennis Cash Paper (pdf)
Emerging Issues With Forages In The Southwest Dan Putnam, Mike Ottman, Tom Griggs, David Drake, Denise Mcwilliams, Joe Brummer, And Willie Riggs Paper (pdf)
The Outlook For The Dairy Industry – Idaho�S Perspective Bob Naerebout Paper (pdf)
Trends In The Horse Hay Laurie Lawrence Paper (pdf)
Hay Prices And Trends In Western States Seth Hoyt Paper (pdf)
Water For Agriculture – Today And Tomorrow Scott Matyac Paper (pdf)
Toxic Weeds And Their Impact On Animals Birgit Puschner, Amy Peters, Leslie Woods Paper (pdf)
Roundup-Ready Alfalfa For Stand Establishment And Special Weed Issues Mick Canevari, Tom Lanini And Steve Orloff Paper (pdf)
Avoiding Weed Resistance And Weed Shifts In Roundup-Ready Alfalfa Steve Orloff, Mick Canevari And Tom Lanini Paper (pdf)
Controlling Weeds In Grass Hay Or Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures Rob Wilson And Steve Orloff Paper (pdf)
Rodent Management In Alfalfa Gary Witmer And John O�Brien Paper (pdf)
Insect Pest Management In Alfalfa: Weevils, Aphids And Worms Michael D. Rethwisch Paper (pdf)
Managing The Major Alfalfa Diseases Dr. Donald R. Miller Paper (pdf)
Recreating The Delivery Of Information: Packaging Existing Ipm Knowledge In More Transparent Ways P.B. Goodell And M.L Flint Paper (pdf)
Performance Of Warm-Season Annual Forage Grasses Dan Putnam, Steve Orloff Paper (pdf)
Cool Season Perennial Grasses For Hay Kevin B. Jensen, Blair L. Waldron, And Joseph G. Robins Paper (pdf)
Perennial Warm-Season Grasses For Biofuels S. C. Fransen, H. P. Collins And R. A. Boydston Paper (pdf)
Small Grain Cereal Forages: Tips For Evaluating Varieties And Test Results George Fohner Paper (pdf)
Potassium Management In Alfalfa: A Summary Of Eight Years Of Research In An Arid Environment Richard T. Koenig And James V. Barnhill Paper (pdf)
Specialty Fertilizers And Micronutrients, Do They Pay? D.A. Mcwilliams Paper (pdf)
Water Allocation Strategies When Irrigation Supplies Are Limited Dr. Howard Neibling, P.E. Paper (pdf)
Biotech Traits In Alfalfa – What’s Next? Mark Mccaslin, Stephen Temple And Peter Reisen Paper (pdf)
Energy Crops And Their Implications For Forages Joe Bouton Paper (pdf)
Future Trends In Alfalfa Establishment John L. Kugler Paper (pdf)
The Future Of Alfalfa Forage Quality Testing In Hay Markets Dan Putnam & Dan Undersander Paper (pdf)
Rate Of Yield And Quality Change In Alfalfa Neal P. Martin, Geoffrey E. Brink, Marvin H. Hall, Glenn E. Shewmaker And Dan J. Undersander Paper (pdf)
Cutting Schedule Strategies To Maximize Returns Steve Orloff And Dan Putnam Paper (pdf)
Harvesting Impacts On Forage Quality Dr. Dan Undersander Paper (pdf)
Protecting Hay Quality During Storage Juan N. Guerrero Paper (pdf)
Risk Management At The Farm Level William W. Riggs Paper (pdf)
An Overview Of Some Computer Programs That Help Producers Be Better Machinery Managers Herbert R. Hinman Paper (pdf)
Post-Harvest Management Of Timothy Hay For Surviving Another 100-Year Drought Steve Fransen And Tip Hudson Paper (pdf)
Estate And Farm Transition Planning For Agricultural Producers Kynda Curtis Paper (pdf)
Nevada Cool Season Grass Ipm Studies—2004-2006 Willie Riggs, Larry D. Godfrey And Jay Davison Paper (pdf)
Relationship Of Thrips And Mite Population Levels To Yield And Damage In Timothy Dominic D. Reisig, Larry D. Godfrey, Daniel B. Marcum Paper (pdf)