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1971 7-8 December
1st California Alfalfa Symposium
Fresno, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
71-01 Soil Management Practices As They Relate To Soil Types And Alfalfa Growth
J.L. Meyer
71-04 Pre-Plant Land Preparation And Irrigation System Development
71-08 Alfalfa Irrigation Practices
R.B. Duffin
71-14 Establishing Alfalfa Stands: Including Methods, Rates, And Dates Of Seeding
71-16 How To Predict Fertilizer Needs Of Alfalfa
W.E. Martin And R.L. Luckhart
71-19 Relating Alfalfa Yields, Quality, And Stand Persistence To Harvest Frequency
V.L. Marble
71-29 Progress In Developing Alfalfa With Improved Nutritional Value
I.J. Johnson
71-33 The Development Of Alfalfa Leaf Protein Concentrates For Human And Animal Uses
D. De Fremery, E.M. Bickoff, And G.O. Kohler
71-39 Weed Control In Seedling Alfalfa
W.R. Sallee
71-42 Weed Control In Established Stands Of Alfalfa
W.H. Isom
71-44 Integrating Weed And Weevil Control Programs
R.F. Norris
71-55 Identification And Control Of Alfalfa Insects
V.E. Burton
71-59 Biology And Control Of The Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil, Hypera Brunneipennis (Boh.), In California
C.G. Summers
71-63 Biological Control Of Principal Alfalfa Pests In California
D. Gonzalez And R. Van Den Bosch
71-70 The Identification Of Diseases Of Alfalfa, Their Effect On Production, And Control
D.C. Erwin
71-77 Progress In Development Of New Germplasm With Multiple Pest Resistance
O.J. Hunt And R.N. Peaden
71-84 Alfalfa Hay Economics
E.A. Yeary
71-87 Varietal Characteristics In Alfalfa, Their Classification And Use In Choosing Varieties Or Brands For Specific Uses And Locations
I.I. Kawaguchi