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1972 5-6 December
2nd California Alfalfa Symposium
Fresno, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
72-01 Timing Of Insecticide Applications Against The Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil: Control And Effects On Non-Target Insects
Summers, C.G. And W. Cothran.
72-08 Prospect For Biological Control Of Alfalfa Weevils In California
Van Den Bosch, R.
72-14 Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil Control In Southern California
Bowen, W.R.
72-23 Progress In The Development Of Alfalfa Varieties With Resistance To The Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil
Lehman, W.F. And E.H. Stanford
72-28 Residues In Perspective
Mull, R.L.
72-31 Weed And Weevil Control In Alfalfa – Some Economic Considerations
Norris, R.F.
72-37 Alfalfa And The Nematodes
Johnson, D.E.
72-39 Soil Environment And Alfalfa Nodulation
Munns, D.N.
72-41 Optimizing Alfalfa Production In California
Marble, V.L.
72-56 Alfalfa Hay Quality: How Much Is It Worth To Dairymen?
Bath, D.L.
72-64 Current Practices And Utilization Of Alfalfa Cubes
Bris, E.J.
72-68 Japanese Import Requirements And Trend On California Alfalfa Hay Cubes
Kada, N.
72-70 Exploring Alfalfa Products
Hays, D.
72-73 New Developments In Alfalfa Cubing And Packaging
Hale, D.G.
72-75 Pelletizing Of Coarse Ground Alfalfa
Morse, G.W.
72-76 New Developments In Alfalfa Cubing And Packaging
Payne, D.C.
72-77 Complete Ration Cubing
Dobie, J.B.
72-80 The Advantages Of Stationary Cubing
Hooper, A.
72-81 Alfalfa Harvesting Costs
Parsons, P.S.
72-85 Alfalfa Cubing
Curti, A.
72-90 Challenges In Field Cubing
Lowery, D.
72-92 A Hay-Producer, Custom-Cuber’s Experience With Field Curbing
Neves, S.
72-94 California Pellet Mill Company And The Cubing Industry
Jeranko, S.M.