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1973 16-17 January
3rd California & Arizona Low Desert Alfalfa Symposium
El Centro, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
73-01 Weed Control On Seedling Alfalfa In The Lower Colorado Desert
Cudney, D.
73-04 Weed Control In Established Alfalfa
Howell, D.
73-10 Fringe Benefits Of Weed Control
Isom, W.H.
73-14 Alfalfa Fertilizer Practices In The Lower Colorado Desert
Mayberry, K.
73-16 An Explanation Of The Theory Of Soil Phosphate Isotherms And Their Application
Gardner, B.R.
73-20 Soil Amendments—Their Role In Crop Production
Thorup, J.
73-24 The U.S. Fertilizer Situation And Outlook
Sharratt, W.
73-30 Alfalfa Insect Identification And Control
Bowen, W.R.
73-34 Recent Developments In Research On The Spotted Alfalfa Aphid And Resistance In Alfalfa
Nielson, M.W.
73-38 Adaptation Of Alfalfa Varieties To The Desert Areas
Miller, M.
73-43 Alfalfa Breeding For Desert Conditions
Schonhorst, M.H.
73-49 The Uses Of Land Leveling, Irrigation, And Varieties In The Reduction Of Summer Stand Decline Of Alfalfa In Desert Areas
Lehman, Erwin
73-58 Summer Stand Depletion Of Alfalfa In The Low Desert Valleys Of Southern California
Erwin, Lehman
73-65 Water Management For Irrigation Of Alfalfa In Desert Areas
73-69 Management Of Alfalfa For Increased Forage Production
73-72 Impact Of Other Cash Crops On Alfalfa Acreage And The Alfalfa Industry
73-75 Optimizing Alfalfa Production In Desert Areas Of The Southwestern United States