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1987 9-10 December
17th California/Arizona Alfalfa Symposium
El Centro, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
87-01 Breeding For Improved Salt Tolerance In Alfalfa
Smith, Dobrenz
87-05 Pest Resistanace And Growth Characteristics Of Alfalfa Varieties For The Low Desert
87-29 Nondormant Alfalfa, Past, Present, And Future
Lehman, Marble, Erwin, Nielson
87-39 The Production And Management Of Alfalfa Grown Under Sprinkler Irrigation On Sandy Soils
87-41 Effects Of Fall And Winter Harvests On Alfalfa Yield And Quality
Worker, Marble
87-45 Fire And Water – A Review Of Forage Preservation Methods And Products
87-53 Alfalfa Quality Deterioration From Baling At High Moisture Levels
Ede, Marble, Demment
87-54 Alfalfa Establishment And Productivity As Affected By An Oat Companion Crop
Lanini, Orloff, Vargas, Marble, Orr, Grattan
87-63 Alfalfa Growth And Development
Teuber, Jernstedt, Foord
87-69 Growing Alfalfa On Heavy Clay Soil With Beds
87-71 Controlled Traffic On Alfalfa In The Imperial Valley – A Whole New Ball Game?
Mitchell, Swain
87-77 Alfalfa Grazing Strategies To Maximize Lamb Gains
Guerrero, Marble
87-94 Weevil And Worm Management For Low Desert Alfalfa Production
87-101 Alfalfa Aphid And Leafhopper Management For The Low Deserts
87-105 Effect Of Leafhopper Feeding On Alfalfa Quality And Yield
Rethwisch, Tickes
87-109 Alfalfa Diseases And Possible Impact Of Verticillium Wilt On Stand Depletion
87-114 Pest Management Decision Making
Orloff, Hays, Shields, Mcwane, Pate
87-122 Status And Control Af Alfalfa Stem Nematode In Arizona
87-123 Economic Benefits Of Weed Control In Alfalfa
87-127 Vertebrate Pests Of Alfalfa
87-139 Grower Reaction To Nir Alfalfa Quality Testing
Winans, Chavez, Fisher, Edwards
87-144 Alfalfa Production Costs And Market Future In Southern California
87-148 Demand For Alfalfa Cubes And Pellets In The Orient
87-151 Changes To The Arizona Haybroker Law
87-152 Trends In Alfalfa Hay Marketing In Arizona
87-159 Compressing And Exporting: Is It For You?