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1991 9-10 December
21st California Alfalfa Symposium
Sacramento, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
91-01 Overview Of California Alfalfa Production
Roberts, B., M. Campbell, W. Bendixen, L. Ede, D. Marcum, S. Orloff, R. Gildersleeve, And D. Toenjes
91-03 Low Desert Alfalfa Production
Ede, L.L.
91-05 Alfalfa Production In The High Desert
Orloff, S.B. And R.R. Gildersleeve
91-11 Alfalfa Production In The Coastal Areas Of California
Bendixen, W.E.
91-16 Overview Of Alfalfa In The San Joaquin Valley
Campbell, M.
91-19 Alfalfa In The Northern Sacramento Valley
Toenjes, D.A.
91-21 Alfalfa Production In The Intermountain Region Of Northeastern California
Marcum, D.B.
91-24 Variations In Regional Alfalfa Production Practices And Costs
Klonksy, K. And P. Livingston.
91-35 Riding Alfalfa'S Pendulum: Situation And Outlook For 1991
Butler, L.J.
91-45 Insect Thresholds As Practised In The Field
Morgner, C.
91-49 Alfalfa As An Insectary For Beneficial Insects
Leigh, T.F.
91-54 Establishing Grasses In Last Year Alfalfa Stands
Lanini, W.T., S. Orloff, J. Schmierer, M. Canevari, W. Bendixen, And R. Vargas.
91-62 Water Transfers And Water Marketing
Kamand, F.Z.
91-63 Alfalfa: Efficient Or Inefficient Users Of Water
Loomis, R.S. And J. Wallinga.
91-70 Alfalfa Irrigation Management
Hansen, B.
91-81 Water Quality Problems Of Irrgated Agriculture
Oster, J.D.
91-85 Soil Amendments In Alfalfa Production
Prichard, T.L.
91-92 Getting The Most Out Of Butyrac 200 And Buctril Applications
Fischer, B.B.
91-102 Controlling Rodent And Rabbit Pests In Alfalfa
Marsh, R.E.
91-108 Nematodes In Alfalfa Production
Westerdahl, B.B.
91-117 Important Diseases Of Alfalfa In California
Davis, R.M.
91-120 What Do Your Hay Test Results Mean And How Much Can You Trust Them?
Jacobs, M.A. And M. Wolf.
91-124 How California’s Feed Law Applies To Contaminants In Alfalfa Hay
Wong, S.D.
91-127 Alfalfa Hay – Who And What Determines “Quality”
Toenjes, D.A.
91-140 Breeding For Improved Forage Quality In Alfalfa
Cash, D.
91-145 Alfalfa Growth And Development
Teuber, L.R., J. Jernstedt, And K. Foord.
91-151 Weed Control Practices In Northeastern California
Schmierer, J.
91-156 Picking A Variety That Wins In The Long Run
Carlson, H.L.
91-160 Vertebrate Pest Management In Northeastern California
Lancaster, D.
91-162 Nutritional Value Of Alfalfa Hay For Horses: Myths Vs Reality
Rodiek, A.
91-166 Use Of Pegasus To Estimate The Economic Value Of Alfalfa Hay For Horses
Dunbar, J.R.
91-171 How To Produce Hay For The Horse Market
Nebeker, E.B.