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1992 9-10 December
22nd California/Arizona Alfalfa Symposium
Holtville, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
92-01 Alfalfa Production In The Imperial And Palo Verde Valleys
Wrona, A.F.
92-07 Alfalfa In The San Joaquin Valley
Canevari, M., M. Campbell
92-10 Overview Of Alfalfa Production In The Colorado River Region Of Arizona
Hood, L.R.
92-14 Central Arizona Alfalfa Production Overview
Husman, S.H.
92-18 Iid/Mwd Agreements: Implementation Of Water Conservation And Negotiation Of Land Fallowing
Kamand, F.Z.
92-20 Subsurface Drip Irrigation Of Alfalfa In The Imperial Valley
Hutmacher, R.B., C.J. Phene, R.M. Mead, D. Clark, P. Shouse, S.S. Vail, R. Swain, M. Van Genuchten,
92-33 Evaluating Your Irrigation System
Hanson, B.R.
92-41 Water Conservation In Alfalfa For The Imperial Valley
Robinson, F.E., L.R. Teuber
92-45 Managing Alfalfa Production With Limited Irrigation Water
Frate, C., B. Roberts.
92-53 Summer And Winter Termination Of Irrigation
Ottman, M.J., R.L. Roth, B.R. Tickes
92-61 Alfalfa Irrigation Practices And Cultivar Selection For Sweetpotato Whitefly Management
Natwick, E.T., F. Robinson, C.E. Bell.
92-66 Summer Grasses In Alfalfa
Bell, C.E.
92-69 The History Of Alfalfa Weed Control In Lower Colorado Desert – 1950 To Present
Tickes, B.
92-79 Feedlot Perspective Regarding Alfalfa Hay Quality
(Interview) R. Foster
92-82 Dairy Perspective Regarding Alfalfa Hay Quality
(Interview) T. Schoneveld
92-84 Production Factors Affecting Alfalfa Hay Quality
Mueller, S.C.
92-92 Methods Of Accelerating The Hay Drying Process
Orloff, S.B.
92-106 Diurnal Changes In The Specific Leaf Weight Of Non-Dormant Alfalfa Cultivars
Robinson, D.L., A.K. Dobrenz, And S.E. Smith