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1993 8-9 December
23rd California Alfalfa Symposium
Visalia, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
93-01 Some Thoughts On The Past And The Future Of The Uc Forage Program
D.H. Putnam
93-07 Considerations During Alfalfa Establishment
S.B. Orloff
93-15 The Process Of Breeding New Alfalfa Cultivars
B. Melton
93-19 Interpreting Alfalfa Cultivar Yield Trial Results
D.H. Putnam, L.R. Teuber, G. Peterson
93-32 Alfalfa Variety Selection: Price vs. Value
T. Hays
93-36 Palo Verde Land Fallowing
J. Kuhn
93-39 An Evaluation Of Hay Drying And Harvesting Systems
C.A. Rotz
93-49 The State Of The Art And Future Innovations In Hay Harvesting Equipment
J.L. Weicksel
93-55 Owning Versus Hiring Hay Harvest Equipment
S.C. Blank, K. Klonsky, K. Norris, S.B. Orloff
93-66 Strategies For Weed Control In Alfalfa Hay Production
B.B. Fischer
93-76 Biology And Control Of Stem And Root-Knot Nematodes
R.B. Westerdahl
93-85 The Role Of Selective Insecticides In Alfalfa Pest Management
T.C. Quick
93-86 Management Of Pocket Gophers In Sacramento Valley Alfalfa
K.S. Smallwood, S. Geng
93-90 Alfalfa And Water Quality: Meeting The Challenge
P.A. Feder
93-96 Alfalfa Disease And Resistant Varieties
D.R. Miller
93-99 Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil In Alfalfa Production
R. Freeman, M. Vierra
93-104 Alfalfa As Wildlife Habitat
K.S. Smallwood, S. Geng.
93-109 Alfalfa/Grass Companion Crop Study
T. Martin-Duvall, R. Vargas, T. Prather, K. Hembree.
93-110 Clethodim For Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua) Control In Seedling Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa)
L. Welch, M. Ansolabehere, R. Vargas
93-111 Fertilizer: New Methods And Practices
W.G. Purdy
93-114 40 Cfr Part 503 And Land Appliction Of Municipal Sewage Sludges
D.M. Crohn
93-124 Diagnosing Field Problems
M. Canevari
93-128 Grass Interseeding In Aging Alfalfa Stands: Implementation And Evaluation
T. Prather, R. Vargas, S. Mueller
93-136 Potential Uses Of Pneumatic Applicators In Alfalfa Production
W.E. Steinke
93-140 Inherent Product (Bale To Bale) Variation And Comparison Of Different Sampling Probes
D. Waite
93-146 Forage Quality And Its Implications
Depeters, E.
93-161 An Alfalfa That Tastes Great And Is Less Filling
B. Reed
93-163 Finding A Market Niche That Works For You
D. Canadas
93-164 Evaluation Of Am Vs Pm Cuttings Of Alfalfa For Tdn And Protein
B. Ballance
93-165 Non Alfalfa Hay And Forage Overview—What Is Being Grown And Why
M. Campbell, C. Collar.
93-172 What It Takes To Grow Timothy
D. Lancaster
93-174 Maturity At Harvest Effects On Yield And Quality Of Winter Cereals For Silage
C. Collar, A. Fulton, M. Campbell.
93-185 What Dairy Producers Look For In Winter Forages From The Viewpoint Of A Custom Chopper
D. Dannel, M. Dannel
93-186 Value Of Winter Forage Crops From A Nutritionists Viewpoint
L.M. Larsen