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1994 8-9 December
24th California Alfalfa Symposium
Redding, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
94-01 Introduction And Statewide Overview Of Alfalfa
D.H. Putnam
94-04 Situation And Outlook For Alfalfa In The Western U.S. In 1995
L.J. Butler
94-12 Picking A Variety That Wins In The Long Run
H.L. Carlson, D.L. Lancaster.
94-17 Assessing The Fertility Status Of Alfalfa
R.D. Meyer, D.B. Marcum, S.B. Orloff
94-29 Maximizing Returns In An Alfalfa Fertility Program
D.B. Marcum, R.D. Meyer.
94-35 Management Of Depleted Alfalfa Stands
S.B. Orloff
94-41 Taproot Organic Reserves And Stress Tolerance Of Alfalfa
L. Barber, L. Rong, S. Cunningham, B. Joern, J. Volenec
94-46 Assessing Alfalfa Maturity For Quality Prediction
S.C. Mueller
94-51 Harvest Management To Maximize Yield And Quality
R.L. Dovel
94-56 Environmental Factors Affecting Forage Quality
S.C. Mueller, S.B. Orloff
94-63 Varieties And Forage Quality: Is There Really A Difference?
D. Cash
94-65 Alfalfa Hay Testing: What Do The Results Really Mean?
D.H. Putnam
94-74 Field Rodent Control In Alfalfa
J.P. Clark
94-83 Integrated Pest Management Of Insect Pests In Alfalfa Hay
L. Godfrey, R. Long, And C. Pickel.
94-89 The Impact Of Nematodes In Alfalfa Hay Production
S.L. Hafez
94-96 Effect Of Weed Control Strategy On Alfalfa Yield, Quality And Stand Persistence
M. Bohle, R. Dovel, L. Burrill, D. Hannaway
94-108 Alfalfa Irrigation Management
B. Hanson
94-119 Water Budget Irrigation Scheduling For Alfalfa
H.L. Carlson, S.B. Orloff
94-125 The Economic Impacts Of The Proposed Federal Bay/Delta Standards On The California Dairy Industry
G.H. Conover
94-127 Alfalfa Hay And The Horse Market
L. Forero
94-130 Export Of Forage Products To Japan And Korea
W.P. Ford
94-134 Approaches To Developing Marketing Strategies: The Intermountain Hay Growers Association
94-136 High Mountain Hay Growers Marketing Cooperative
J.A. Cummings
94-138 San Joaquin Valley Hay Growers Association
M.M. Coelho
94-140 Kern County Hay Growers Association
T. Brown
94-142 Regionalization Of Near Infrared Calibrations
T.R. Boyd
94-144 Grower Experiences With Stand Establishment
J. Bennett, W. Krell, T. Ellis.
94-159 Maximizing Profit Potential By Coordinating Crop Rotation And Planting Date
L. Teuber, S. Orloff, J. Young, H. Carlson, K. Taggard, R. Plant