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1995 7-8 December
25th California Alfalfa Symposium
Modesto, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
95-01 1995 Introduction
Putnam, D.
95-05 The Importance Of Alfalfa To Cropping Systems And Environmental Goals
Putnam, D. And S. Kaffka
95-17 Establishing Excellent Stands In Early Fall Using Flood Or Sprinkler Irrigation
Campbell, M. And C. Frate
95-22 Seeding Clovers Or Grasses Into Older Alfalfa Stands—Bevefits And Hazards
Canevari, M., D. Putnam, B. Reed, R. Long, S. Orloff, T. Lanini, L. Godfrey
95-27 The Multiple Impacts Of Cutting Strategy On Alfalfa Yield, Quality, And Stand Life
Orloff, S. B.
95-36 Alfalfa Seed Production In The Western U.S. — A Commitment To Quality
Mueller, S. C.
95-41 Characterization Of A Certified Alfalfa Cultivar: Importance And Evaluation Of Fall Dormancy
Teuber, L. R., K. L. Taggard, L. K. Gibbs, S. Orloff
95-46 Industry Panel: Approaches To Breeding For Alfalfa Forage Quality
95-55 The Art And Science Of Ensiling Alfalfa
Harrison, J. H.
95-63 ‘Mat’ Harvesting Of Forages — Intensive Conditioning To Increase Feeding Value
Koegel, R. G., R. J. Straub
95-74 The Use Of Big Bales For Alfalfa Hay
Wheeler, D., M. T. Wheeler, And Sons Hay Services
95-76 Using A Cotton Module Builder For Alfalfa
Mueller, S., J. Higginbotham, B. Hepner, G. Hepner, G. Hepner
95-78 Biology And Control Of Vertebrate Pests In Alfalfa
Whisson, D.
95-87 New Tools For Insect Pest Management In Alfalfa Hay
Godfrey, L. M. Canevari, R. Long
95-92 Use Of Bats To Enhance Insect Pest Control
Freeman Long, R.
95-95 Use Of Barn Owls To Control Rodents On Farms
Ingels, C.
95-97 Defining Forage Quality; What Is It?
Hintz, R. W.
95-104 Effects Of Sampling And Sample Handling On Alfalfa Hay Test Results
Reed, B., E. Depeters
95-110 Forage Quality Testing Consistency: Development Of The California Hay Testing Consortium
Putnam, D., E. Depeters
95-119 Ration Formulation Based On Total Nutrient Composition Of Feeds
Etchebarne, Ph.D., Pas, M. A.
95-127 Potassium Fertilization And How It Effects Yield And Quality Of Alfalfa
Meyer, R. D., M. Campbell Matthews
95-134 Consideration Of Manure Application To Alfalfa
Morse, D.
95-139 40 Cfr Part 503 And Application Of Municipal Sewage Sludges To Alfalfa
Crohn, Ph.D., D. M.
95-151 Applications Of Manure To Alfalfa: Crop Production And Environmental Implications
K.A. Kelling And M.A. Schmitt
95-165 Some Common Predators And Parasites Of Insect Pests On Alfalfa
Flint, M.L.