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1996 9-10 December
26th California Alfalfa & National Alfalfa Symposium
San Diego, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
96-01 History, Importance, And Production Dynamics Of Alfalfa In California
Putnam, D.
96-13 The Importance Of Alfalfa In California Dairy Rations
Depeters, E., B. Weiss
96-33 Alfalfa Helps Wildlife On Your Farm
Kuhn, J., T. Ellis, L. Fitzhugh
96-49 Evolving Information Technologies And Their Importance To Forages
Hannaway, D. B.
96-53 Biotechnology In Alfalfa
Koshinsky, H. A., P. G. Lemaux
96-63 The Present And Future Of Alfalfa Harvesting Equipment
Adams, R. K.
96-69 The Size, Scope And Impact Of Hay Exports From The Southwestern United States
Kallenbach, R. L.
96-73 Forage Exports From The Western United States To The Pacific Rim
Ford, W. P.
96-81 Generating Electricity From Alfalfa Biomass
Martin, N. P., E. A. Oelke
96-95 Grazing Alfalfa — Is It Right For You?
Lacefield, G. D.
96-101 Utilizing Alfalfa As A Grazed Forage: The Van Warmerdam Dairy
Reed, B.
96-105 Effects Of Insecticides On Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil, Pea Aphid, Blue Alfalfa Aphid, Hay Production And Feed Quality
Natwick, E. T., J. G. Guerrero, J. Lopez
96-115 Management Of Nematodes And Diseases In Alfalfa Using Genetic And Cultural Approaches
Holmes, G. J., D. Miller
96-121 Sheep Grazing As A Weed Control Practice In Seedling Alfalfa
Bell, C. E., J. N. Guerrero
96-129 New Weed Control Trends In Seedling And Established Alfalfa
M. Canevari
96-135 Alfalfa Water Use And Irrigation Efficiency
Hanson, B. R.
96-149 Applying Irrigation Scheduling Principles To Alfalfa
Carlson, H.L.
96-159 Managing Flood Irrigation On Heavy Soils
Bali, K. M.
96-169 Improving Irrigation Efficiencies Through Irrigation Cutoff Strategies
Ottman, M.
96-177 Evolving Forage Quality Concepts
Undersander, D.
96-183 Methods To Assess Alfalfa Forage Quality In The Field
Orloff, S. B.
96-195 Obtaining Greater Consistency In Alfalfa Forage Testing
Putnam, D.
96-207 Critical Soil Fertility Issues In Alfalfa Production
Meyer, R. D.
96-219 Alfalfa Cultivars: Pest Resistance Levels And What They Mean
Tueber, L. R., K. L. Taggard, L. K. Gibbs
96-231 Strategies For Extending The Life Of An Alfalfa Stand Using Overseedings
Canevari, M., D. Putnam, R. Long, S. Orloff, B. Reed
96-237 Approaches To Breaking Yield And Quality Barriers In California – Intermountain Region
King, D.
96-241 Approaches To Breaking Yield And Quality Barriers In California – San Joaquin Valley
Ribeiro, J.
96-245 Approaches To Breaking Yield And Quality Barriers In California – Low Desert Region
Grizzle, B.