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1997 10-11 December
27th California Alfalfa Symposium
Visalia, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
97-01 Is There a Crisis Ahead for the California Alfalfa Industry?
Putnam, D., Hanson, B.
97-12 The Growth of California's Dairy Industry – Will it Continue?
Tillison, J.
97-15 What is the American Forage and Grassland Council?
Meyer, P.
97-16 In Order to be Heard One Must Have a Voice! The Importance of Organizing Alfalfa Growers in California
Kuhn, J.
97-24 Maceration: What Is Its Potential for California Alfalfa Growers?
Orloff, S., Putnam, D., Kraus, T.
97-31 Maceration: The Process and Nutritional Implications
Kraus, T.
97-45 Evaluation of Desiccants in Alfalfa
Kallenbach, R.
97-50 Dew Simulation for Hay Baling Operations Purpose, Process and Control
Staheli, D.
97-57 To Tarp or Not to tarp
Knopp, G.
97-61 Site-Specific Farming Information: Assessing Weed and Soil Property Effects on Crops
Pettygrove, S., Jackson, L., Plant, R., Denison, F., Young, J.
97-67 Developing Spatial and Temporal Soil and Plant Smapling Strategies for Your Farm
Meyer, R.D., D.B. Marcum, and Mathews, M.C.
97-74 Practical Interpretations of Soil Information to Maintain High Alfalfa Yields
Quist, A.A. and Stanworth, G.T.
97-80 Poisonous Weeds in Hay Crops
Craigmill, A.L.
97-83 Getting Control of Tough Weeds in Alfalfa
Canevari, M.
97-87 Weevils and Worms – New Product Update and Integrated Management
Godfrey, L.D.
97-93 Sclerotinia Stem and Crown Rot of Alfalfa in the Central San Joaquin Valley
Frate, C.A.
97-102 Proposed Hay Quality Guidelines for California
Putnam, D., DePeters, E., Coelho, M.
97-111 Why Forage Fiber Quality is Important
Arana, M.
97-115 How Agronomic Practices Affect Mineral Balance for Dairy Cows
Jardon, P.W.
97-121 Double Your Yield With Half the Water: Is It Possible?
Hanson, B., Orloff, S.
97-137 Forage Production Crop Insurance Program
Murphy, B.
97-147 Vertebrate Pest Control in Alfalfa Hay
Whisson, D.
97-155 Minor Pests of Alfalfa Hay
Long, R.F.
97-159 Diseases and Nematodes
Miller, D.
97-165 Ecology of Predatory Lacewings and Other Generalist Predators in Alfalfa
Limburg, D.D., Roseenheim, J.A.
97-178 Breeding for “True” Salt Tolerance
Cluff, G.
97-179 Breeding Alfalfa for Resistance to the Silverleaf Whitefly
Teuber, L.R., Gibbs, L.K., Taggard, K.L., Rupert, M.E.
97-189 Evalution of Glandular Haired Alfalfa: A Tool for Resistance to Potato Leafhoppers and More
Johnson, L.
97-192 The Importance of Fall Dormancy to Yield, Persistance and Forage Quality
Knipe, B., Reisen, P., McCaslin, M.