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1998 3-4 December
28th California Alfalfa Symposium
Reno, Nevada
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
98-01 1997 Pacific Rim Forage Exports
Ford, W.P.
98-10 History of Imperial Valley Forage Exports
Kuhn, J.E.
98-18 The Food Quality Protection Act: Potential Impacts on Alfalfa
Roberts, S.R.
98-24 California Alfalfa & Forage Association
Ellis, T.
98-26 Morning and Evening Harvest Effects on Animal Performance
Maryland, H.F., Shewmaker, G.E., Burns, J.C., Fisher, D.S.
98-31 Diurnal Changes in Alfalfa Forage Quality
Putnam, D., Mueller, S., Marcum, D., Frate, C., Lamb, C., Canevari, M., Balance, B., Kallenbach, R.,
98-40 Selecting Cutting Schedules – The Yield and Quality Tradeoff
Orloff, S.B., Putnam, D.H.
98-48 Battle of the Balers: Small Bales
Bennett, J.
98-50 Battle of the Balers: Mid-Sized Bales
Dunlea, D.
98-51 Battle of the Balers: Large Bales
Schader, D.
98-53 Controlling Difficult Weeds in Established Alfalfa
Wilson, R.E.
98-59 Fighting Nematodes in Alfalfa
Hafez, S.L.
98-73 Update on Insect Control Strategies in Alfalfa
Godfrey, L.
98-75 Double Your Yield With Half the Water: Is It Possible?
Hanson, B., Orloff, S.
98-88 Improved Irrigation Management Through Soil Moisture Monitoring
Orloff, S.B., Hanson, B.
98-95 Getting the Most From Center Pivots
Fipps, G.
98-110 Subsurface Drip Irrigation of Alfalfa in Nevada
Neufeld, J., Davision, J., Breazeale, D., Munk, G.
98-128 Evaluating Hay For Horses: Myths and Realities
Lawrence, L.
98-133 What Are Dairy Nutritionists Looking for in Alfalfa Hay?
Robinson, P.H.
98-140 The ‘California Recognized’ Program and California Hay Guidelines
Mathews, M.C., Putnam, D.
98-148 Relationships Among testing Results of California Alfalfa Hay Samples
Putnam, D.
98-150 The Importance of Hay Sampling – A ‘How To&rsquo' Demonstration
Whitesides, R.E., Chandler, D.A.
98-159 Do I Need Fertilizer? Ask the Plant!
Meyer, R.D., Marcum, D.B., Schmierer, J.L.
98-168 “How Much Fertilizer Do I Need?” Soil Testing and Alfalfa Fertilization
Hays, T.
98-176 Overseeding as a Pest Management Tool in Alfalfa in the Sacramento Valley
Long, R., Reed, B., Putnam, D.
98-182 Overseeding Orchardgrass Into Alfalfa
Morris, J.
98-185 Internet Resources for Alfalfa and Forages
Schmierer, J.
98-189 How Alfalfa Varieties are Developed
Bouton, J.
98-194 How To Select an Alfalfa Variety
Putnam, D., Orloff, S.
98-203 The Relationship Between Fall Dormancy and Stand Persistance in Alfalfa Varieties
Knipe, B., Rooney, K., McCaslin, M.
98-209 Seed Coating Innovations
Walsh, J., Rooney, K., Canestrino, J.
98-211 The Crusher – Effect of Harvest Technique on Alfalfa Drying Time
Cook, I.J.
98-221 Remote Controlled Solar Powered Wheel Line Mover
Knight, R.L., Krell, D.L.
98-224 Cereal Forages – Important New Opportunities for the Western U.S.
Fohner, G.