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2000 11-12 December
30th California Alfalfa & 29th National Alfalfa Symposium
Las Vegas, Nevada
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
00-001 The Importance of Western Alfalfa Production
Putnam, D., Brummer, J., Cash, D., Gray, A., Griggs, T., Ottman, M., Ray, I., Riggs, W., Smith, M., Shewmaker, G., Todd, R.
00-011 Alfalfa Market Conditions and Trends in Western States
Hoyt, S.
00-029 The Future of the Chino Milk Shed in the Los Angeles Basin
Peterson, N.G.
00-035 Agriculture Fish and Water
Poulson, M.
00-043 Can Alfalfa be Produced with Less Water?
Hanson, B., Putnam, D.
00-055 The Future of Agronomic Crops in California and the Western United States
Kaffka, S.
00-061 Emerging and Important Insect Pests of Alfalfa in the Western United States
Natwick, E.T., Lopez, M.
00-071 Techniques to Improve Weed Control in Seedling Alfalfa
Canevari, M.
00-077 Controlling the “P” (Perennial and Poisonous) Weeds in Alfalfa
Vargas, R.
00-085 Alfalfa Pests (Insects, Diseases, and Nematodes)
Miller, D., Frate, C.
00-097 Soil Applied and Water Applied Phosphorus Application
Ottman, M., Thompson, T.L., Rogers, M.T., White, S.A.
00-107 Lagoon Water Manures and Biosolids Applied to Alfalfa: Pros and Cons
Meyer, R.D., Sanden, B.L., Bali, K.M
00-111 Monitoring Alfalfa Water Use with Soil Moisture Sensors
Orloff, S.B., Hanson, B.
00-119 Management of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
Hill, R.W.
00-133 1999 Pacific Rim Forgae Exports
Ford, W.P.
00-143 Certified Weed Free Hay – What are the Marketing Implications?
Ellis, T.
00-149 Producing Alfalfa Hay for Horses – What Buyers are looking for
Lawrence, L.
00-153 What a Dairy Nutritionist needs from Alfalfa
Kennedy, J.T.
00-157 Anti-Nutritional Factors in Alfalfa Hay
Puschner, B.
00-163 Interpretation of Forage Analysis Reports
Mertens, D.R.
00-177 Hay Sampling Principles and Practices
Collins, M., Putnam, D., Owens, V., Wolf, M.
00-183 Agronomic Practices and Forage Quality
Putnam, D., Orloff, S., Ackerly, T.
00-197 Quantifying the Yield/Quality Tradeoff
Ackerly, T., Putnam, D., Orloff, S.
00-205 Cutting Schedules to Maximize Profit
Orloff, S., Putnam, D., Blank, S., Ackerly, T.
00-221 Future Trends in Forage Analysis
Undersander, D.
00-231 Helpful Web Sites for the Alfalfa Industry
Hays, T., Schmierer, J.
00-235 Dynamics of Alfalfa Seed Supply: On the Tag and in the Bag
Bendorf, H.
00-237 Value-Added Traits of Alfalfa
Martin, N.P., Koegel, R.G.
00-245 Roundup Ready Alfalfa – A Progress Report
McCaslin, M., Fitzpatrick, S., Temple, S.