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2001 11-13 December
31st California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Modesto, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
01-001 Emerging Issues of Importance to the California Alfalfa Industry
Dan Putnam
01-007 Market Trends in the California Alfalfa Industry
Seth Hoyt
01-013 The Potential for Growth in the California Dairy/Forage Industry and Implications of the 2001 Farm Bill
Bees Butler
01-023 Why the Alfalfa Industry should reach out to a Non-Ag Audience
Tom Ellis
01-025 Interpreting Your Hay Quality Test
Mike Wolf
01-031 Understanding the Economics of the Yield-Quality Tradeoff
Steve Orloff
01-039 What is Wrong with My Alfalfa-Nematodes or Something Else
Becky Westerdahl
01-047 Timing is Everything – What Makes You Money in Weed Control?
Mick Canevari
01-053 Overview of California Organic Alfalfa Production
Bill Douglas
01-057 Preventing the Off-site Movement of Pesticides in Alfalfa
Dan Putnam
01-061 Hay for Horses: Alfalfa or Grass?
Ann Rodiek
01-075 Subsurface Drip and Furrow Irrigation Comparison with Alfalfa in the Imperial Valley
R.B. Hutmacher, C.J. Phene, R.M. Mead, D. Clark, S.S. Vail, C.A. Hawk, M.S. Peters, R. Swain, T. Donovan, J. Jobes, J. Fargerlund.
01-087 Recycling Municipal Effluent Using Alfalfa to Produce a Profit
Eugene Nebeker
01-105 Reducing Water Pumping Costs
Jim Thomson, Robert Curley, Jerry Knutson
01-109 Overview of Forages, Other than Alfalfa, in California: Current Status and Future Trends
Carol Frate
01-113 Timing and Nitrogen Applications in Corn and Winter Forages
Marsha Campbell Mathews
01-117 Happy Cows. Happy Environment. It’s the Manure: Integrating Dairy Manure Water Nutrient Use With Forage Production
Stuart Pettygrove, Alison Eagle
01-123 Using Dairy Lagoon Nutrient Water to Produce High Yielding Crops: System Design and Use Panel discussion
Marsha Campbell Mathews, Jeff Strom, Clauss Dairy Farms, Arthur Crowell, Bar Vee Dairy, Loren Lopes, Lorinda Dairy, Denair
01-133 Harvest Stage Effects on Yield and Quality of Winter Forage
Carol Collar, Gene Aksland
01-143 A Grazing and Haying System With Winter Annual Grasses
Steve Orloff, Dan Drake
01-151 Scientific Aspects of Silage Making
Lynn M. Johnson, Joe H. Harrison
01-159 What’s Coming Down the Pike in Corn Genetics? Value Added Corn Silage – Brown, Midrid, Waxy, High-Oil and others
Joe Lauer, Jim Coors, Randy Shaver
01-173 Maximizing Corn Stand Establishment and Growth
Roger Vinande
01-179 Successful Use of High Quality Corn Silage for Dairies In the Western United States
Wes Kezar
01-189 Estimating the Energy Value of Corn Silage and Other Forages
Peter Robinson
01-197 Salt Tolerant Forages for the Recycling of Saline Water
Stephen Kaffka
01-207 Marketing Standards for Southern California Grass Export Hay
Juan Guererro
01-213 Annual Forages, Now and in the Future
Dan Putnam, George Fohner, Kurt Braunwart