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2003 17-19 December
33rd California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Monterey, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
03-00 Welcome Letter
Dan Putnam, Shannon Meuller
03-01 California Alfalfa Industry Prices and Trends
Seth Hoyt
03-19 Evolving Approaches to Regulation of Discharges from Irrigated Lands in the Central Valley: Conditional Waivers, Other Approaches, and the Potential Role of the Alfalfa Industry
Kelly Briggs, William Croyle, Mary White
03-27 Mitigating Water Quality Concerns: How the Alfalfa Industry Might Respond
Dan Putnam
03-39 Controlled Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Steve Orloff, Dan Putnam, Blaine Hanson, Harry Carlson
03-53 Soil Moisture Monitoring in Alfalfa: Does it Pay?
Blake Sanden, Grant Poole, Blaine Hanson
03-67 Improving Irrigation Water Management on Alfalfa
Larry Schwankl, Terry Prichard
03-73 New Control Measures for Meadow Voles and Pocket Gophers
Terry Salmon
03-81 Progress in Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Steve Orloff, Ron Vargas, Mick Canevari, Kurt Hembree
03-87 Groundsel Strategies and Control of Nutsedge: Two Growing Problems
Mick Canevari, Tom Lanini, Fred Marmor
03-95 Poisonous Plants and Effects on Animals
Birgit Puschner, Leslie Woods
03-101 Alfalfa Diseases and Stem Nematodes: What are the Effects of Equipment and Varieties?
Don Miller, Saad Hafez
03-105 Weevil Research: New Chemistries and Old Predators
Richard Lewis, Larry Godfrey, Dan Putnam
03-113 Lamb Grazing and Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil Control
Eric Natwick, Juan Guerrero, Martin Lopez, A. R. dos Santos
03-129 Conservation Tillage Corn and Forage Crops
Jeff Mitchell, Carol Frate
03-139 Transitioning from Preplant to Postemergance Herbicide Usage in Corn Production
Kent Brittan, Mick Canevari
03-143 Brown Midrib Forage Sorghum, Sudangrass and Corn: What is the Potential?
Fred Miller, J. A. Stroup
03-153 Using Winter Forages for Dairy Nitrogen Management
Marsha Campbell Mathews
03-159 Stripe Rust of Forage Wheat and Other Diseases of Cereal Forages
Lee Jackson
03-169 Agronomic Conditions that Contribute to Brown-Leaf in Sudangrass in the Low Desert
Herman Meister
03-173 Understanding Nutritive Value: Alternative Forages
Richard Zinn, Richard Ware
03-185 Alfalfa Web Resources Overview: Access and Links
Jerry Schmierer
03-191 Considerations in Choosing an Alfalfa Variety
Grant Poole, Dan Putnam, Steve Orloff
03-201 Using Varieties or Cutting Schedules to Achieve High Quality Hay: What are the Tradeoffs?
Dan Putnam, Steve Orloff
03-215 Strip Cutting Alfalfa for Lygus Management: Forage Quality Implications
Shannon Mueller, Charlie Summers, Peter Goodell
03-227 Overseeding and Management of Older Alfalfa Stands
Rachael Long, Dan Putnam, Mick Canevari
03-233 Sampling the Moisture Content of Alfalfa in the Windrow
Ron Thaemert
03-237 Certified Weed-Free Hay
Nate Dechortetz