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2004 13-15 December
34th California Alfalfa & 2004 National Alfalfa Symposium
San Diego, California
Department of Agronomy and Range Science Extension
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
04-1 Hay Prices and Trends in Western States
Seth Hoyt
04-21 Influence of Quality and Season on Hay Market Decisions
Russell Tronstad, Satheesh Aradhyula
04-33 What Are the Dynamics of the Horse Market?
Anne Rodiek
04-45 Will the Public Recognize the Environmental Benefits of Alfalfa?
Dan Putnam
04-57 The Environmental Impacts of N2 Fixation by Alfalfa
Michael Russelle
04-63 Perchlorate in the Dairy Forage System
Michael Payne, Charles Sanchez
04-65 Refinements of Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Alfalfa Weevils in California Alfalfa
Larry Godfrey, Karey Windbiel, Richard Lewis, Dan Putnam, Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff, Dan Marcum, Jerry Schmierer, Rachael Long, David Haviland, Ron Vargas
04-71 Aphid and Whitefly Management in Alfalfa in Imperial Valley, California
Eric Natwick, Martin Lopez
04-81 Evaluation of Natural Enemies of Beet Armyworm on Alfalfa in Northern California
Les Ehler
04-85 Minor Insect Pests of Alfalfa: Are Treatments Economical?
Michael Rethwisch
04-95 Summer Weed Control in Alfalfa Low Desert
Barry Tickes
04-101 Nutsedge (Cyperus spp) Control in Alfalfa
William McClosky
04-111 Weed Control in High Elevation Alfalfa and Alfalfa/Grass Mixtures
Rob Wilson, Steve Orloff
04-117 Controlling Rodents in Alfalfa
Terrell Salmon
04-127 Effects of Cutting Schedule on Hay Yields of Four Perennial Grasses in the Irrigated Sonoran Desert
Juan Guerrero, Herman Meister
04-131 Producing High Quality Orchardgrass and Timothy Hay
John Kugler
04-141 Effect of Harvest Timing on Yield and Quality of Small Grain Forage
Carol Collar, Steve, Wright, Peter Robinson, Dan Putnam
04-149 Growth and Management of Sorghums for Forage Production
Fred Miller, Jason Stroup
04-159 Flood Irrigation of Alfalfa: How Does It Behave?
Blaine Hanson, Dan Putnam
04-167 Meeting ET with Center Pivots
Howard Neibling
04-173 Managing Phosphorus for Maximum Alfalfa Yield and Quality
Robert Mikkelsen
04-179 Wheel Traffic in Alfalfa What Do We Know? What Can We Do About It?
Jerry Schmierer, Dan Putnam, Dan Undersander, Jee Liu, Herman Meister
04-187 Alfalfa Quality: What Is It? What Can We Do About It? And, Will it Pay?
Garry Lacefield
04-193 Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) Indexing Legumes and Grasses for Forage Quality
Dan Undersander, John Moore
04-197 Balancing Yield, Quality and Persistence
Steve Orloff, Dan Putnam
04-209 Forage Quality: Impacts on Cattle Performance and Economics
Richard A. Zinn, L. Corona, R. A. Ware
04-217 Irrigating Forages with Recycled Water: Problems and Possibilities
Stuart Pettygrove
04-223 Demands on Grower and Regulator in Using Wastewater
Eugene Nebeker
04-235 Soil, Water, and Crop Production Considerations in Municipal Wastewater Applications to Forage Crops
Grant Poole, Blake Sanden, Tim Hays
04-247 Forage Production and Soil Reclamation Using Saline Drainage Water
Stephen Kaffka, Jim Oster, Dennis Corwin
04-255 Cow Numbers and Water Quality Is There A Magic Limit? A Groundwater Perspective
Thomas Harter
04-269 Principles of Recycling Dairy Manures through Forage Crops
Marsha Campbell Matthews
04-277 Nitrogen Mineralization and Its Importance for Organic Waste Recycling
David Crohn
04-285 Engineering Aspects of Managing Dairy Lagoon Water
Eric Swenson
04-295 Biology and Effects of Spontaneous Heating in Hay
Wayne Coblentz, John Jennings, Kenneth Coffey
04-313 Measuring Moisture in Hay
Glenn Shewmaker, Ron Thaemert
04-321 Toxic Weeds in Hay and the Effects on Livestock
Birgit Puschner
04-327 Forage Quality, Testing and Markets; Where Are We Going?
Dan Putnam
04-345 Biotechnology 101: What You Need To Know in a Few Minutes
Peggy Lemaux
04-353 Can Genetically-Enhanced Traits Be Detected in Milk or Meat
James Cullor, Paul Rossitto
04-355 Panel Discussion: Is the Market Ready for Biotech Alfalfa
Mark McCaslin
04-357 Roundup Ready Alfalfa Research Results: California and the US
Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff, Kurt Hembree, Ron Vargas
04-365 Stewardship Issues for Roundup Ready Alfalfa A High Plains Perspective on the Sustainability of Roundup Ready Cropping Systems
Bob Wilson
04-367 Stewardship Issues for Roundup Ready Alfalfa A California Perspective on Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Ron Vargas
04-369 Seed Production Issues for Genetically Enhanced Alfalfa
Shannon Mueller
04-377 Issues with GMO Alfalfa in the Marketplace
William T. W. Woodward
04-383 What Is on the Horizon for Alfalfa & Biotech?
Joe Bouton