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2005 12-14 December
35th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Visalia, California
University of California Cooperative Extension,
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
05-1 Factors Affecting the Supply, Demand and Price of Alfalfa in 2006
Leslie J. Butler
05-13 Critical Issues Facing the Dairy Industry
Michael Marsh
05-19 Air Quality Issues with the Dairy Forage System
Frank M. Mitloehner
05-25 Implications of Deficit Irrigation Management of Alfalfa
Steve Orloff, Daniel H. Putnam, Blaine Hanson, Harry Carlson
05-39 Principles of Recycling Dairy Manure through Forage Crops
Marsha Campbell Mathews
05-49 Central Valley Conditional Waiver for Discharges from Irrigated Lands – Critical Points
Allan Fulton
05-65 Groundwater Protection Areas and Forages
Larry Schwankl, Terry Prichard, Blaine Hanson
05-71 Problem Weeds in Hay and Forages for Livestock
Birgit Puschner
05-77 Stand Establishment – RoundUp and Other Herbicides – How Do They Fit?
Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff, Ron Vargas, Kurt Humbre
05-83 Weed Management Options for Alfalfa in Ground Water Protection Areas
Ron Vargas
05-89 Sclerotinia in Alfalfa: Biology and Control in the Central Valley
Carol A. Frate, Rachael F. Long
05-97 Current Status of Biological Control of Alfalfa Weevils in California
Karey C. Windbiel-Rojas, Larry D. Godfrey
05-103 Alfalfa Weevils: A New Look at an Old Pest
Larry Godfrey, Karey C. Windbiel-Rojas, Richard Lewis, Daniel H. Putnam, Mick Canevari, Carol A. Frate, Dan Marcum, Steve Orloff, Jerry L. Schmierer
05-111 Worm Pest Management in Alfalfa in Imperial Valley, California
Eric T. Natwick, Martin I. Lopez
05-121 Controlling Vertebrate Pests in Alfalfa
Duane L. Schnabel
05-131 Potential New Insect Pests of Forage Crops in California
Charles G. Summers
05-152 Trends in Cereal Forage Production
Gene Aksland, Steve Wright
05-159 Utilizing the BMR trait in Sudangrass and Sorghums
John M. Reich
05-167 Cool Season Annual and Perennial Grass Forages for California – A New Perspective
Devesh Singh
05-175 Update on Elephant Grass Research and its Potential as a Forage Crop
Dave Goorahoo, Florence Cassel S., Diganta Adhikari, Morton Rothberg
05-185 The Changing Role of Forage Fiber in Dairy Rations
Peter H. Robinson
05-195 Harvesting Silage Corn at the Optimum Time
Roger Vinande
05-201 Testing Alfalfa for Phosphorus and Potassium Nutrient Deficiencies
Jerry L. Schmierer, Roland D. Meyer, Daniel H. Putnam
05-209 Producing Alfalfa Hay Organically
Rachael F. Long, Roland D. Meyer, Steve B. Orloff
05-223 Diurnal Changes in Forage Quality and Their Effects on Animal Preference, Intake, and Performance
Hank Mayland, David R. Mertens, Bret Taylor, Joe Burns, Dwight Fisher, Pablo Gregorini, Tony Ciavarella, Kevin Smith, Glenn Shewmaker, Tom Griggs
05-231 Beyond RFV/Q: What Are You Missing With Your Hay Quality Tests?
Mary Beth Hall
05-237 Strategies for Balancing Quality and Yield Using Cutting Schedules and Varieties
Daniel H. Putnam, Steve Orloff, Larry R. Teuber
05-253 Postharvest Changes in Alfalfa Quality
C. Alan Rotz
05-263 Considerations for Successful Alfalfa Stand Establishment in the Central San Joaquin Valley
Shannon C. Mueller
05-273 Do Genetically Engineered Crops Impact Animal Health and Food Products?
Alison Van Eenennaam
05-279 Market Sensitivity and Methods to Ensure Tolerance of Biotech and Non-Biotech Alfalfa Production Systems
Daniel H. Putnam
05-299 Reinventing Alfalfa for Dairy Cattle and Novel Uses
Neal Martin, David R. Mertens