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2006 11-13 December
36th Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Reno, Nevada
University of California Cooperative Extension,
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
06-1 Emerging Issues With Forages In The Northwest
Glenn E. Shewmaker, Steve C. Fransen, Mylen Bohle, Alan Gray, And Dennis Cash
06-9 Emerging Issues With Forages In The Southwest
Dan Putnam, Mike Ottman, Tom Griggs, David Drake, Denise Mcwilliams, Joe Brummer, And Willie Riggs
06-21 The Outlook For The Dairy Industry – Idaho�S Perspective
Bob Naerebout
06-41 Trends In The Horse Hay
Laurie Lawrence
06-47 Hay Prices And Trends In Western States
Seth Hoyt
06-59 Water For Agriculture – Today And Tomorrow
Scott Matyac
06-71 Toxic Weeds And Their Impact On Animals
Birgit Puschner, Amy Peters, Leslie Woods
06-77 Roundup-Ready Alfalfa For Stand Establishment And Special Weed Issues
Mick Canevari, Tom Lanini And Steve Orloff
06-83 Avoiding Weed Resistance And Weed Shifts In Roundup-Ready Alfalfa
Steve Orloff, Mick Canevari And Tom Lanini
06-95 Controlling Weeds In Grass Hay Or Alfalfa-Grass Mixtures
Rob Wilson And Steve Orloff
06-101 Rodent Management In Alfalfa
Gary Witmer And John O�Brien
06-113 Insect Pest Management In Alfalfa: Weevils, Aphids And Worms
Michael D. Rethwisch
06-123 Managing The Major Alfalfa Diseases
Dr. Donald R. Miller
06-127 Recreating The Delivery Of Information: Packaging Existing Ipm Knowledge In More Transparent Ways
P.B. Goodell And M.L Flint
06-133 Performance Of Warm-Season Annual Forage Grasses
Dan Putnam, Steve Orloff
06-137 Cool Season Perennial Grasses For Hay
Kevin B. Jensen, Blair L. Waldron, And Joseph G. Robins
06-147 Perennial Warm-Season Grasses For Biofuels
S. C. Fransen, H. P. Collins And R. A. Boydston
06-155 Small Grain Cereal Forages: Tips For Evaluating Varieties And Test Results
George Fohner
06-163 Potassium Management In Alfalfa: A Summary Of Eight Years Of Research In An Arid Environment
Richard T. Koenig And James V. Barnhill
06-171 Specialty Fertilizers And Micronutrients, Do They Pay?
D.A. Mcwilliams
06-183 Water Allocation Strategies When Irrigation Supplies Are Limited
Dr. Howard Neibling, P.E.
06-191 Biotech Traits In Alfalfa – What’s Next?
Mark Mccaslin, Stephen Temple And Peter Reisen
06-195 Energy Crops And Their Implications For Forages
Joe Bouton
06-201 Future Trends In Alfalfa Establishment
John L. Kugler
06-209 The Future Of Alfalfa Forage Quality Testing In Hay Markets
Dan Putnam & Dan Undersander
06-223 Rate Of Yield And Quality Change In Alfalfa
Neal P. Martin, Geoffrey E. Brink, Marvin H. Hall, Glenn E. Shewmaker And Dan J. Undersander
06-229 Cutting Schedule Strategies To Maximize Returns
Steve Orloff And Dan Putnam
06-245 Harvesting Impacts On Forage Quality
Dr. Dan Undersander
06-255 Protecting Hay Quality During Storage
Juan N. Guerrero
06-263 Risk Management At The Farm Level
William W. Riggs
06-267 An Overview Of Some Computer Programs That Help Producers Be Better Machinery Managers
Herbert R. Hinman
06-277 Post-Harvest Management Of Timothy Hay For Surviving Another 100-Year Drought
Steve Fransen And Tip Hudson
06-285 Estate And Farm Transition Planning For Agricultural Producers
Kynda Curtis
06-299 Nevada Cool Season Grass Ipm Studies—2004-2006
Willie Riggs, Larry D. Godfrey And Jay Davison
06-301 Relationship Of Thrips And Mite Population Levels To Yield And Damage In Timothy
Dominic D. Reisig, Larry D. Godfrey, Daniel B. Marcum