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2008 2-4 December
38th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium and Western Alfalfa Seed Conference
San Diego, California
University of California Cooperative Extension,
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
08-01 Hay Market Trends in California
Seth Hoyt
08-07 Dairy Situation and Outlook 2008
Eric Erba
08-15 The Changing Nature of Dairy Rations and How it Affects Forage Demand
Jerry Higginbotham
08-27 Producing Quality Alfalfa Seed for the Forage Industry
Shannon Mueller
08-37 State of the Seed Industry
Mark McCaslin
08-39 Regulatory Review of Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Virgil Meier
08-41 Alfalfa Weed Control in the Low Deserts - 40 Years of Discovery and Innovation
Barry Tickes
08-47 Summer Annual Grass Control – What are the Strategies?
Mick Canevari
08-51 Plant Poisonings in Livestock
Birgit Puschner
08-55 Alfalfa Weevils: A New Look at an Old Pest
Larry Godfrey
08-59 Alfalfa Nematodes: What can be done?
Becky Westerdahl
08-67 Controlling the Worm Complex in Alfalfa
Eric Natwick
08-77 An Economic Threshold for Thrips in California Timothy
Dominic Reisig
08-91 Irrigation Management for Alfalfa Hay Production on Beds
Dean Currie
08-95 Irrigation Scheduling of Alfalfa Using Evapotranspiration
Rick Snyder
08-103 Salinity Tolerance and Management for Alfalfa
Blake Sanden
08-115 Shallow Groundwater Use by Alfalfa
Jim Ayars
08-131 Phosphorus Runoff Management for Alfalfa in Desert Regions
Khaled Bali
08-141 Flood vs. Pivot Irrigation for Forage Crops. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
Paul Brown
08-151 Strip-Tillage in California's Central Valley Forage Production Systems
Jeff Mitchell
08-159 Using Dairy Manure as a Nitrogen Fertilizer for Forage Crops
Marsha C. Mathews
08-167 Stewardship Practices that Facilitate Coexistence when Producing Alfalfa Seed Including GM Traits
Mike Moore
08-173 Lygus Bug Management in Seed Alfalfa
Eric Natwick
08-183 Arthropod Pest Management on Alfalfa Seed 2008
Doug Walsh
08-201 Weed Management Research in Alfalfa Seed Production in Washington State
Rick Boydston
08-209 Agricultural Research Service and Bee Lab Update
Rosalind James
08-211 Chalkbrood Control in the Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee
Rosalind James
08-217 Future Trends in Corn Genetics and Biotechnology
Bill Curran
08-223 Forage Sorghum and Silage Corn: Yield, Quality and Water
Brent Bean
08-225 Sudangrass Quality and Yield Traits: What to Look For
Juan Guerrero
08-229 Teff as an Alternative Summer Forage
Don Miller
08-235 What's New in Forage Equipment?
Dan Undersander
08-241 An Analysis of Alfalfa Harvesting Costs: Implications for Custom Harvest Charges
Karen Klonsky
08-247 Switchgrass and Alfalfa as Cellulosic Biofuels: Possibilities and Limits
Dan Putnam
08-259 Growing Crops for Biofuels: Implications for Water Resources
Mike Ottman
08-265 How Much Water does Alfalfa Really Need?
Blaine Hanson
08-271 What in the World? A Global Fertilizer Perspective
Rob Mikkelsen
08-275 Maximizing Fertilizer Efficiency through Tissue Testing and Improved Application Methods
Steve Orloff
08-285 The Security of Food Production: What does the Future Hold?
Bryan McDonald