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2010 30 November - 1-2 December
40th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Visalia, California
University of California Cooperative Extension,
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
10-01 Alfalfa Market Production and Price Trends
Seth Hoyt
10-09 Dairy Situation and Outlook 2010
Eric Erba
10-19 Global Economic Trends: Forage, Feeds and Milk
Leslie (Bees) Butler
10-25 Impacts of Dairies and Silages on Air Quality
Frank Mitloehner
10-41 Understanding the Biology of Silage Preservation to Maximize Quality and Protect the Environment
Limin Kung, Jr.
10-55 Preventing Off-site Movement of Pesticides in Alfalfa and Corn
Terry Prichard
10-61 Farming for Birds: Alfalfa and Forages as Valuable Wildlife Habitat
Alex Hartman
10-73 An Environmental Balance Sheet for the Dairy-Forage System
Dan Putnam
10-83 Overview of Silage Management in California
Jennifer Heguy
10-89 Anaerobic Stability of Silage
Limin Kung, Jr.
10-103 Opportunities to Improve Corn Silage Quality in California
Noelia Silva-del Rio
10-117 A Little Fresh Air: Fungal Toxins and Silage
John Doerr
10-125 Safety of Silage Operations
Keith Bolsen
10-133 Practical Tiips for Growing, Harvesting, and Feeding High Quality Small Grain Cereal Silage
Gene Aksland
10-139 Silage Quality: How is it Defined and Measured
Karl Nestor
10-145 Making Silage in Custom Operations: Challenges and Opportunities
Carol Collar
10-151 Developing an IPM Program for Controlling Pocket Gophers in Alfalfa
Roger Baldwin
10-159 Summer Weed Control in Alfalfa - Low Desert
Barry Tickes
10-163 Stem Nematode Management in Alfalfa Hay Production
Rachael Long
10-171 Alfalfa Nutrient Requirements, Deficiency Symptoms, and Fertilizer Application
Mike Ottman
10-175 Improving Flood Irrigation Management in Alfalfa
Khaled Bali
10-181 Economic Returns Due to Alfalfa Cultivar Selection Over 30 Years of Testing in California Environments
Andre Biscaro
10-191 Adjusting Cutting Schedules for Economic Conditions
Steve Orloff
10-203 Changing Forage Quality Testing for Alfalfa Hay Markets
Dan Putnam
10-211 Current and Future Genetics in Corn Silage
Dennis Craig
10-221 Developing Alfalfa Varieties for a Water-Challenged Future
Ian Ray
10-227 Re-Designing Alfalfa for Improved Dairy Performance
Mark McCaslin
10-231 There are no Zeros
Allen Van Deynze
10-233 Optimizing Different Hay Types for Horses: What Have We Learned?
Anne Rodiek
10-241 Nitrogen Uptake of Corn, Winter Forages and Alfalfa
Marsha Campbell Mathews
10-249 What is the Future of Alfalfa in a World of High Costs, High-Value Crops and Globalization?
Steve Blank