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2012 December 10-12
42nd California Alfalfa & Grains Symposium
Sacramento, California
University of California Cooperative Extension,
Department of Plant Sciences,
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Year-PG Article Title Author(s)
12-01 California and Western US Hay and Forage Market Trend
Seth Hoyt
12-04 Strategies For the Improvement of Water-Use Efficient Irrigated Alfalfa Systems
Dan Putnam
12-19 Key Practices for Alfalfa Stand Establishment
Dan Putnam, Shannon Mueller, Carol Frate, Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff
12-31 Variety Selection Choosing the Best for Your Field
Dan Putnam, Shannon Mueller,Carol Frate,Mick Canevari, Steve Orloff
12-41 Key Strategies for Weed Management
Mick Canevari
12-44 Producing Alfalfa from A to Z: When Minor Occasional Pests become Important
Larry Godfrey, Rachael Long
12-48 Critical Issues in Alfalfa Fertility
Tim Hays
12-52 Key Irrigation Management Practices for Alfalfa
Blake Sanden, Blaine Hanson, Khalid Bali
12-70 Alfalfa Harvest Management Principles
Steven Orloff, Dan Putnam
12-80 Forage Quality: Important Attributes & Changes on the Horizon
Ed DePeters
12-87 Small Grains Seedbed Preparation and Residue Management
Kent L Brittan
12-93 Weed Management in Wheat
Steve Wright, Steve Orloff, Gerardo Banuelos, Sonia Rios, Kelly Hutmacher
12-103 Nitrogen Management Impacts on Wheat Yield and Protein
Steve Orloff, Steve Wright, Mike Ottman
12-109 Irrigation Management for Wheat
Mike Ottman, Doug Munier, Steve Orloff
12-115 Fungacides for Wheat Stripe Rust Disease Control
Doug Munier, Jerry Schmierer, Kent Brittan
12-116 Milling Wheat Fertility Management
Gene Askland
12-122 Current Advances in Genetic Improvement in Wheat
Jorge Dubcovsky, Oswaldo Chicaiza, Xiaoqin Zhang, Alicia del Blanco
12-127 Alfalfa's Role in Feeding a Hungry World
Jon Reich
12-135 New Technology for Alfalfa
Mark McCaslin, Peter Reisen
12-138 Technology Background and Best Practices: Yield Mapping in Hay and Forage
Mathew Dingman, Kevin Shimmers
12-144 A Systems Approach to Conservation Tillage of Forage Crops: A California Dailyman's Perspective
Dino Giacomazzi