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2014 December 10-12
44th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Long Beach, California
University of California Cooperative Extension
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Article Author(s)
Hay Market Situation in Western States pages 1–4 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Seth Hoyt
Economics of Western Hay and Milk Exports with Higher Prices pages 5–12 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Daniel Sumner and Bill Matthews
Forage Export Dynamics 2014 pages 13–16 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) John Szczepanski
Improving California Wheat for Grain and Forage pages 17–18 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Jorge Dubcovzky, Oswaldo Chiacaiza, Xiaoqin Zhang, and Alicia del Blanco
Genetic Advances in Alfalfa and Grasses: Are We Making Progress? pages 19–22 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) E. Charles Brummer
New Strategies for Forage Quality Ipmrovements in Alfalfa pages 23–28 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Mark McCaslin, Peter Reisen, and Julie Ho
Sampling Considerations for Detection of Genetically Engineered (GE) Traits in Alfalfa Hay pages 29–36 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Daniel H. Putnam
Weed Management in Alfalfa: Where We've Been and Where We're Going pages 37–46 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Steve Orloff and Barry Tickes
Blue Alfalfa Aphid: Old Pest With New Management Challenges pages 47–62 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Eric Natwick, Vonny Barrlow, Larry Godfrey, Peter Goodell, and Rachael Long
Blue Alfalfa Aphid Management Strategies pages 63–66 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Vonny M. Barlow, Larry D. Godfrey, Peter B. Goodell, and Eric Natwick
Alfalfa-Small Grain Rotational Benefits: It's Worth More Than You Think pages 67–74 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Eric Lin, Dan Putnam, Stu Pettygrove, Mrak Lundy, Steve Orloff, and Steve Wright
Managing Alfalfa Nutrition By Soil Analysis In the Desert Southwestern United States pages 75–80 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Aron A. Quist and Michael J. Ottman
Alfalfa Diseases and Current Management Options pages 81–86 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Donald R. Miller and Rachael Long
Nematode Management in Alfalfa Production pages 87–92 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Becky Westerdahl and Rachael Long
Seed Treatments for Wireworm Control in Field Corn pages 93–98 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Irrigation Mnaagement Strategies for Sorghum: Deficit Irrigation Approaches and Impacts of Different Cultivars pages 99–104 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Robert B. Hutmacher, Jeffrey Dahlberg, Steven D. Wright, Mark P. Keeley, Raul Delgado, Gerardo Banuelos, Sonia Rios
Precision Irrigation & Conservation Tillage: A Plan for Improving Forage Production Systems pages 105–108 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Jeff Mitchell
Herbicide Options in Small Grains pages 109–114 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Steve Wright, Steve Orloff, Mick Canevari, Kassim Al-Khatib
Requirements and Strategies for Manure and Nutrient Management on Dairies pages 115–118 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Deanne Meyer and Paul Sousa
Management of Nitrogen and Manure in Corn and Small Grain Forages pages 119–126 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Marsha Campbell Mathews
In-Field Plant Monitoring as a Tool for N Management in Small Grains pages 127–134 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Mark Lundy, Steve Wright, Steve Orloff, Robert Hutmacher
Chlorpyrifos Use in Alfalfa - Defining and Refining Critical Uses pages 135–144 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) P. B. Goodell, L. A. Berger, R. Long, T. Hays, and S. Halsey
The Future of Groundwater Management in California pages 145–146 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Thomas Harter
Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa and Grasses: What are the Impacts/Options? pages 147–158 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Steve Orloff, Khaled Bali, and Dan Putnam
What is the Ability of Alfalfa to Sustain Saline Conditions? pages 159–170 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Sharon Benes, Daniel Putnam, Inderjot Chahal, Stephepn Grattan, and John Bushoven
Are there Unique Features of Alfalfa Hay in a Dairy Ration? pages 171–176 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) P. H. Robinson
The Future of Forage Quality Testing for Markets pages 177–186 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Dan Putnam
Technologies for Automation in Surface Irrigation pages 187–192 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Khaled Bali, Thomas Gill, and Dale Lentz
Surface Irrigation Monitoring and Cellular Communication System to Implement Inflow Cutoff Strategies pages 193–196 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Brad J. Arnold, Shrinivasa K. Upadhyay, Jedediah Roach, and Daniel H. Putnam
Advantages and Constraints of Soil Moisture Monitoring For Resource-Efficient Irrigation Management of Alfalfa pages 197–204 Video | Paper (PDF) | Presentation (PDF) Daniele Zaccaria and Steve Orloff