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2015 December 2-4
45th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Reno, Nevada
University of California Cooperative Extension
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Article Author(s)
Hay Situation in and Outlook for 2016 in the Western States Pages 1-4 Download PDF Seth Hoyt
The Recent Economics of Drought, Milk, Exports and Western Hay Markets Pages 5-14 Download PDF Daniel A. Sumner, William A. Matthews, Hyunok Lee
Strategies to Improve Productivity in a Water-Stressed Future Pages 15-28 Download PDF Steven R. Evett, Susan A. O’Shaughnessy, Alejandro Andrade, David K. Brauer, Paul D. Colaizzi, Robert C. Schwartz
California’s Agricultural Regions Gear Up to Actively Manage Groundwater Use and Protection Pages 29-44 Download PDF Thomas Harter
Alfalfa Integrated Pest Management Pages 45-48 Download PDF Vonny M. Barlow, Rachael F. Long
Toxic Plants to Livestock Pages 49-50 Download PDF Steven Gallego, Birgit Puschner
Recent Developments in Alfalfa Weed Control: Glyphosate-Induced Injury in RR Alfalfa and Sharpen Herbicide Pages 51-56 Download PDF Steve Orloff, Rob Wilson
Management Options for Blue Alfalfa Aphids in California Alfalfa Pages 57-66 Download PDF Larry Godfrey, Steve Orloff, Eric Natwick, Rachael Long
Biology/Management of Clover Root Curculio and Stem Nematode in Alfalfa Pages 67-70 Download PDF Ricardo A. Ramirez, Steven J. Price
Developing an IPM Program for Controlling Pocket Gophers/Voles in Alfalfa Pages 71-82 Download PDF Roger Baldwin
Managing Foliar and Root Rot Diseases of Alfalfa for Improving Yield/Persistence Pages 83-88 Download PDF Deborah A. Samac, Laurine Berg
Cutting Irrigated Hay Costs by Using Soybeans Pages 89-98 Download PDF Steve Norberg, Earl Creech, Don Llewellyn, Steve Fransen, Shannon Neibergs
Adopting Cover Crops for Soil Improvement and Grazing Pages 97-104 Download PDF Steven Hines, Joel Packham, Billy Whitehurst, Lauren Hunter
Cereal Forages: A Tool in Managing Limited Water Resources Pages 105-110 Download PDF Dave Wichman
Grass, Legumes, and Grass-Legume Mixtures: Yield, Nutritive Value, and Soil Water Use Pages 111-116 Download PDF Albert T. Adjesiwor, M. Anowarul Islam
Sorghum: An Alternative Feed, Hay and Forage Pages 117-126 Download PDF J.A. Dahlberg, R. Hutmacher, S. Wright
Teff Hay: Recent Observations in the Southwest Pages 127-132 Download PDF Mark A. Marsalis, Leonard M. Lauriault
Using Chlorophyll Meter and Tissue Testing to Determine In-Season Nitrogen Needs in Timothy Hay Production Pages 133-138 Download PDF Steve Norberg, Don Llewellyn, Steve Fransen, Shannon Neibergs
Alfalfa Contributes More Nitrogen to Following Crop than Previously Thought Pages 139-144 Download PDF Eric Lin, Dan Putnam, Stu Pettygrove, Mark Lundy, Steve Orloff, Steve Wright
Producing High Quality Hay for Horses Pages 145-148 Download PDF Emily Glunk
Forage Quality and Utilization: Total Track NDF Digestibility Pages 149-154 Download PDF David Combs
Forage Quality and Dairy Production: What Quality Attributes do we look for and Why? Pages 155-15 Download PDF Jed Asmus
Uniform Sampling Protocols for Single- and Double-Compressed Hay and Detection of a GMO Trait Pages 157-170 Download PDF Dan Putnam, Christopher DeBen, Vonny Barlow, Jamshaid Ahmed, Murad Ali Khan, Steve Orloff
Influence of Harvesting Technologies on Quality and Yield Pages 171-174 Download PDF Dan Undersander
Humidity, Hay Moisture and Harvest Management Pages 175-182 Download PDF Paul Brown
Hay Preservation and Storage Losses Pages 183-193 Download PDF Glenn E. Shewmaker