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2016 November 29 - December 4
45th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Reno, Nevada
University of California Cooperative Extension
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Article Author(s)
Hay Market Trends in 2016-2017 Pages 1-4 Download PDF Seth Hoyt
When Someone Claims to Know Where Commodity Prices are Really Heading: Grab Your Wallet and Run Pages 5-16 Download PDF Daniel A. Sumner, William A. Matthews
Reducing Costs in a Down Year: Where to Cut and Where Not to Cut? Pages 17-34 Download PDF Steve Orloff, Daniel H. Putnam
Dynamic Hay Export Growth Led by China Pages 35-42 Download PDF Daniel H. Putnam, William A. Matthews, Daniel A. Sumner
Sensitivity to GE Alfalfa Remains Important for Alfalfa Export and Organic Market Pages 43-50 Download PDF Daniel H. Putnam
Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) and Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA) Trials in the Pacific Northwest Pages 51-72 Download PDF R. Troy Peters, Howard Neibling, Richard Stroh
Tools for Improvement Management of Surface Irrigation Pages 73-78 Download PDF Khaled M. Bali, Daniele Zaccaria, Blake L. Sanden, Dan Munk, Marsha L. Campbell
Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Possibilities in Alfalfa Pages 79-90 Download PDF Freddie Lamm
Management of Salinity in Alfalfa Pages 91-104 Download PDF Michelle Leinfelder-Miles
Global Fertilizer Trends – Getting More Into Your Crop? Pages 105-110 Download PDF Robert Mikkelsen
Defining and Re-Defining Forage Quality Pages 111-118 Download PDF Dave Combs
Agronomic Factors Affecting Forage Quality in Alfalfa Pages 119-132 Download PDF Daniel H. Putnam, Steve Orloff
Innovative Methods to Preserve Quality Alfalfa Pages 133-144 Download PDF Kevin J. Shinners
Preserving Quality and Other Advantages of Bale Wrapping Pages 145-148 Download PDF Daniel Funke
Roundup Ready Alfalfa: Avoiding Injury While Maximizing Weed Control Pages 149-156 Download PDF Steve Orloff, Rob Wilson, Tom Getts, Brad Hanson
Low Lignin Alfalfa: Wide Area Field Test Results Pages 157-end Download PDF R. Mark Sulc, Angela Parker, Kenneth Albrecht, Kim Cassida, Marvin Hall, Doo-Hong Min, Steve Orloff, Dan Undersander, Xuan Xu