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2018 November 27 - November 29th
47th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Reno, Nevada
University of California Cooperative Extension
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Article Author(s)
Opportunities for Automation of Surface Irrigation Download PDF Khaled Bali
Opportunities for Management of Alfalfa (medicago sativa l.) Under High Salinity Conditions Download PDF Sharon E. Benes
Livestock Poisoning Plants Download PDF Larry Forero
Managing Weeds in Organic and Conventional Seedling Alfalfa Download PDF Mariano Galla
Tools of The Trade: Approaches for Weed Management in Established Alfalfa Download PDF Thomas Getts
Importance of IPM Practices for Pesticide Resistance Managements Download PDF Ian Grettenberger
Managing Weevils in Alfalfa Hay Download PDF Rachael Long
Management of Nematodes and Alfalfa Diseases Download PDF Dr. Donald R. Miller
Integrated Crop Management: Agronomic Strategies to Improve Alfalfa Pest Management Download PDF Daniel H. Putnam
Alfalfa Aphids, Caterpillars, Insecticides and IPM: What Did We See in 2018 and Implications for 2019 Download PDF Michael D. Rethwisch
Recent Changes in California Dairy Diet Formulation Strategies Download PDF P.H. Robinson
International Trade Prospects and Potential Impacts on Forage Crops, Including the Evolution of the Farm Bill Download PDF Daniel A. Sumner
U.S. Forage Exports 2018 Download PDF John Szczepanski