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2019 November 19 - November 21
49th California Alfalfa & Grain Symposium
Reno, Nevada
University of California Cooperative Extension
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Article Author(s)
Linking Alfalfa Forage Quality and Markets Download PDF Dan Putnam
Identifying Molecular Markers Associated with Quality and Quantifying Their Potential to Increase Alfalfa Value Download PDF Steve Norberg
Implications of Climate Predictions on Forage Production in Western States Download PDF Alan Rotz
Clover Root Curculio Biology and Control Download PDF Steven Price
Simulated Grazing Timing and Regrowth of Annual Cereal Forage Cover Crops Download PDF Carmen Willmore
Current Trends in U.S. Hay Exports and Future Prospects Download PDF William Matthews
Experiments with Flooding Tolerance of Alfalfa for Groundwater Recharge Download PDF Helen Dahlke
Forage Sampling Protocals and Hay Sampling Device Features Download PDF Jody Gale
Roundup Ready Alfalfa Injury Download PDF Tom Getts
Grazing Techniques for Alfalfa on 3 Million Hectares in Argentina Download PDF Daniel Basigalup
Developing an Effective Management Program for Belding’s Ground Squirrels in Alfalfa Download PDF Roger Baldwin
How to Choose a High Quality Laboratory and Avoid the Common Abuses of Forage Quality Testing Download PDF Glenn Shewmaker
Importance of Fiber and Digestibility Analysis to Predict Animal Performance Download PDF David Merterns
Status of The Western Alfalfa Hay Market Download PDF Josh Callen
Approaching IPM Program for Alfalfa Winter Insect Pests of Southwest Desert Download PDF Ayman Mostafa
In Season Management of N in Timothy Download PDF Steve Norberg
The Impact of Moisture Content on Forage Nutritives Download PDF David McIntosh
Optimizing Management of Small Grain Forages Download PDF Michael Ottman
Precise Control of Rodents in Alfalfa Fields Using Drones Download PDF Tomer Regev
The Rhodes Grass: A Potential Alternative Forage Crop for the Low Desert Download PDF Oli Bachie
Benefits of Alfalfa in Crop Rotations Download PDF Nicole Tautges
Forage Sampling Protocals and Hay Sampling Device Features Download PDF Jody Gale
Sugarcane Aphid and Potential Strategies for Control Download PDF Nicholas Clark
Growing and Harvesting Teff Grass Download PDF Natalie Shaw
Should Forages Be Priced Like a Sack of nutrients? Download PDF Bill Weiss
Insecticide Resistance in Alfalfa Weevil Download PDF Michael Rethwisch