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2022 November 14 - November 17
51st California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
San Diego, California
University of California Cooperative Extension
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California, Davis, CA 95616


Article Author(s)
Management of Nematodes in Alfalfa Download PDF Donald Miller
Strategies for Rodent Management Download PDF Roger Baldwin
Strategies to Control Weeds in Established Alfalfa Download PDF Tom Getts
Profitable Alfalfa Production Sustains the Environment Download PDF Dan Putnam
Cropping Alfalfa to Enhance Above and Belowground Biodiversity Download PDF Marisol Berti
Defining Quality in Alfalfa (Deconstructing the Plant) Download PDF David Weakly
Linking Forage Quality with Economic Value Download PDF Bill Weiss
Modelling Growth & Quality of Alfalfa for Livestock Download PDF Derrick Moot
Simulating Alfalfa Growth Dynamics of Fall Dormancy Classes Across Environments Download PDF Kenneth Boote
Economics of Alfalfa Fertilization Under Inflated Hay & Fertilizer Prices Download PDF Steve Norberg
Alfalfa Response to P & K in Association with Calcium, Magnesium, & Harvest Time Download PDF Anowarul Islam
Quantifying N Credits of Alfalfa in Rotation Download PDF Kim Cassida
Facing the Realities of Water Limitations in Western US for Forage Crops Download PDF Dan Keppen
Opportunities for Extraction of Protein from Alfalfa Download PDF Jo Heuschele
Climate Change & Forage Production Download PDF Alan Rotz
Alfalfa Grazing Systems in Argentina Download PDF Daniel Basigalup
Integrated Systems for Harvest Management Download PDF Jennifer Tucker
Intercropping Alfalfa with Corn Download PDF John Grabber
Intercropping Alfalfa with Corn Download PDF John Grabber
Alfalfa Breeding Programs Focus on Grazing and Sustainable Systems Download PDF Federico Sciarretta
Alfalfa Breeding with Implementation of Molecular Tools Download PDF Bernadette Julier
Breeding for Alfalfa Compatibility with Corn Download PDF Heathcliffe Riday
Utilizing Genesys to Identify Wild Relatives of Alfalfa with Adaptation to Diverse Climates Download PDF Alan Humphries
Challenges with Drying Alfalfa and Other Forages Download PDF Edward Shaw
Using a Dewpoint Steamer to Minimize Leaf Loss During Hay Baling Download PDF Logan Staheli