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How to Choose a High Quality Laboratory and Avoid the Common Abuses of Forage Quality Testing
Glenn Shewmaker
2019, 49th California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Standardizing Forage Quality and Testing Across Markets
Dan Putnam
2013, 43rd Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
The Future Of Alfalfa Forage Quality Testing In Hay Markets
Dan Putnam & Dan Undersander
2006, 36th Western Alfalfa & Forage Symposium
Forage Quality, Testing And Markets; What Are We Going?
Dan Putnam
2004, 34th California Alfalfa Symposium and 2004 National Alfalfa Symposium
Forage Quality And Its Implications
Depeters, E.
1993, 23rd California Alfalfa Symposium