University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Image of Alfalfa Leaf 2016 Alfalfa & Forage Field Day - Kearney Ag Center Image of Alfalfa Leaf
September 14th, 8:00 AM – Noon
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The 2016 Alfalfa and Forage Field Day at the Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension center was largely a success. A sizable group of producers, PCA's, CCA's, ag consultants, allied industry representatives, private applicators, students, and government representatives joined in a tour of ongoing field trials hosted by the principal UC researchers as well as indoor, classroom-style presentations on a variety of alafalfa and forage related topics presented by several UC Farm Advisors and Specialists. The information presented ranged from pest and weed control to water and manure-nutrient management to salinity and irrigation technology in alfalfa and forage production. California DPR CE credits as well as morning refreshments and lunch were gracefully sponsored by BASF and Bayer Crop Science.

Field Day Schedule
Presentation Slides
  • Irrigation Systems and Salinity Management in Alfalfa Khaled Bali, CE Irrigation Water Management Specialist, Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center Slides
  • Alfalfa Pest Management Vonny Barlow, Entomology, IPM, and Crop Production Farm Advisor, UCCE Riverside Slides
  • Best Management Practices for Dairy Manure Nitrogen Fertilization of Forage Corn Nicholas clark, Agronomic Cropping Systems and Nutrient Management Farm Advisor, Kings Slides
  • Alfalfa Weevil and Aphids in California Alfalfa Larry Godfrey, CE Specialist in Entomology, UC Davis Slides
  • Innovative Tools for Alfalfa IPM Peter Goodell, IPM Cooperative Extension Advisor, Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center Slides
  • New Alfalfa Herbicide Registrations Kurt Hembree, Weed Management Farm Advisor, UCCE Fresno Slides
  • Studies on Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) in Alfalfa - What we've learned to date. Dan Putnam, CE Specialist and Agronomist, UC Davis Slides