University of California Alfalfa Symposia
Alfalfa Leaf Image 1988 California Alfalfa Symposium Alfalfa Leaf Image
December 7 - 8, 1988 - Modesto, California
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Grazing Alfalfa With Sheep: Does It Affect Yield Or Stand Life? Roberts, Frate, Marble Paper (pdf)
Managing Alfalfa Production With Limited Irrigation Water Frate, Roberts, Sheesley Paper (pdf)
Alfalfa Growth And Development Teuber, Jernstedt, Foord Paper (pdf)
Effect Of Fall/Winter Cutting On Alfalfa Yield, Pest Management, And Stand Life Marble, Peterson, Schoner Paper (pdf)
The Agronomics And Economics Of Direct Seeding Of Row Crops Into Alfalfa Stubble Munier, Hake, Kempen Paper (pdf)
Taking The Gamble Out Of Buying/Selling Alfalfa For Greenchop Or Silage Toenjes Paper (pdf)
Drought And The Western Alfalfa Industry: A Dramatic Turnabout Cothern Paper (pdf)
Update Of Alfalfa Cubing Costs Curley Paper (pdf)
Winning The Dodder Battle Orloff Paper (pdf)
Controlling Grasses Effectively In Established Alfalfa Canevari Paper (pdf)
New Herbicides For Weeds In Seedling Alfalfa Kempen, Voth Paper (pdf)
Effect Of Oat Companion Crop Seeding Rate On Alfalfa Establishment, Yields And Weed Control Lanini, Orloff, Vargas, Orr, Marble, Grattan Paper (pdf)
Why Laboratory Results Differ Dellavalle Paper (pdf)
Matching Alfalfa Plant Symptoms With Alfalfa Problems Marble Paper (pdf)
The Pea And Blue Alfalfa Aphid On Alfalfa Bedard Paper (pdf)
On-The-Go Moisture Testing In The Bale Chamber Stowell Paper (pdf)
Increasing The Drying Rate Of Alfalfa Hay Using Windrow Inverters Marcum Paper (pdf)
Artificial Dew To Improve Baling: Can You Beat Mother Nature? Orloff Paper (pdf)
Testing Alfalfa Hay: New Hay Quality Standards And Testing Procedures Bath Paper (pdf)
Federal-State Market News: Our Commitment To Reporting And Staying In Tune With The Hay Market In California Hoyt Paper (pdf)
Building Credibility Rose Paper (pdf)